Marvel has gifted us with yet another new Avengers: Endgame TV spot heading into the weekend. The final countdown for hardcore Marvel Cinematic Universe fans is here. We have a week, or just under a week for those who are seeing it Thursday night, before the highly-anticipated follow-up to Infinity War finally arrives. Now, we have a brand new TV spot that not only comes with a bit of new action-packed footage, but it’s also positioning this movie as the official start of summer, even though that’s still technically a couple of months away.

For the most part, this TV spot is just cramming in as many cool shots as it possibly can in 30 seconds. It succeeds on that level, to be sure. But there are some new little bits for fans to look out for, such as little bit of dialogue from Tony, Ant-Man literally being flicked like a bug into action and some Captain Marvel goodness. It all leads up to the remaining heroes coming face to face once again with the Mad Titan, which is sort of being positioned as a climactic moment ever since the first full-length trailer hit.

But is that really going to be the climax? Is it going to be that simple? Marvel has done a lot to keep this movie secretive and directors Joe and Anthony Russo have even admitted to putting misleading footage in the main trailer. Why go through all of that trouble if the endgame, as it were, really is just their second match with Thanos? Granted, fans need to see that happen, but if I were a betting man, I’d say there’s going to be more going on here than what it seems to be on the surface. No doubt, the gang is going to duke it out with Thanos again. But just don’t be surprising if Marvel and the Russos throw us a huge curveball or two in there.


The MCU started out 11 years ago, somewhat humbly, with Iron Man. It’s since evolved into a pop culture phenomenon that has, in many ways, reshaped Hollywood, spanning 22 movies and generating $18.5 billion at the box office. While the MCU will continue, this is being billed as a conclusion of sorts to everything that came before. While so much remains a mystery, it’s quite clear that nothing is going to be the same once the events of Avengers: Endgame wrap up.

Pre-sale tickets are available now for anyone who wants to go see the movie on opening weekend. They’ve been selling at record rates and theaters all across the country are adding more and more showtimes as needed. That said, if you don’t already have tickets for opening night showings, don’t wait, because records will be broken and you don’t want to be that fan left out in the cold trying desperately to avoid spoilers. Avengers: Endgame is set to hit theaters on April 26. Be sure to check out the new TV spot from the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel below.


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