Mark Hamill Reveals Often Wondered Personal Secret About Luke Skywalker

[ad_1] Star Wars franchise star Mark Hamill is weighing in on the mystery surrounding Luke Skywalker’s sex life, tweeting his belief that the Jedi Master didn’t die a virgin. Throughout the entire history of the movie franchise, Skywalker was never involved in an on-screen romantic relationship, leaving the status of his virginity unclear. The closest […]

Mark Hamill Already Voiced Chucky in a Robot Chicken Episode

[ad_1] It was just earlier today that we shared with you guys a quick sound clip of Mark Hamill’s Chucky laugh from MGM and Polaroid director Lars Klevberg’s upcoming remake of Tom Holland and Don Mancini’s killer doll classic Child’s Play. And while I was off researching that story, I came across a very interesting […]

What Does Mark Hamill Think of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker?

[ad_1] Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the Joker has been teased in the first trailer. Obviously, there have been comparisons to past actors who have taken on the Clown Prince of Crime by fans, which isn’t exactly fair because it’s based on a few minutes of footage. With that being said, the response has been overwhelmingly […]

Mark Hamill Believes in Star Wars Fatigue, Says He’s Felt It Himself

[ad_1] Mark Hamill believes Star Wars fatigue is a real possibility. The Luke Skywalker actor even admitted to feeling a bit of it himself. Disney put out The Force Awakens in 2015 then put out Rogue One the following year. Things were running pretty smoothly at the time, but that all changed with the release […]

Original Child’s Play Director Supports Mark Hamill as Voice of New Chucky

[ad_1] Mark Hamill is confirmed as the voice of Chucky in MGM and Orion’s Child’s Play Remake, and original director Tom Holland is fully on board. Of course, horror fans will know Holland as the director of the original movie from 1988. While screenwriter and Chucky creator Don Mancini has publicly expressed his unhappiness with […]

Mark Hamill Calls Leaked Star Wars 9 Poster Fake News

[ad_1] Mark Hamill doesn’t think that the recently leaked Star Wars 9 poster is the real deal. Earlier this week, fans were treated to a pretty convincing poster featuring Finn, Poe, and Rey in new costumes, the Knights of Ren, the red Stormtroopers, and new characters. However, there are a few parts that stick out, […]