The 2 MCU Movies You Must Watch Before Endgame According to the Russo Bros.

[ad_1] Avengers: Endgame is fast approaching and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are either watching all previous movies to prepare or figuring out which ones to see in preparation. For those fans who don’t have a spare 59+ hours to catch up on everything that has gone down over the last eleven years, the Russo Brothers […]

Endgame Directors Confirm Longest Runtime in MCU History

[ad_1] The Russo Brothers have finally revealed the official runtime for Avengers: Endgame. Previous reports had the highly anticipated sequel clocking in at over 3 hours, and that is still the case, but just barely. This means Endgame is now officially the longest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which makes a lot of sense. […]

Endgame Trailer Celebrates the Heroic Legacy of the MCU

[ad_1] Marvel has released a new Avengers: Endgame trailer online as the ten-day countdown to the cinematic event of the year begins. The studio has been incredibly tight-lipped about what’s coming our way next week when the follow-up to Infinity War finally arrives. Case in point, this trailer doesn’t give us much in the way […]

X-Men Won’t Join the MCU for a Long Time Confirms Marvel Boss

[ad_1] The X-Men and Fantastic Four can officially join the Marvel Cinematic Universe now that the Disney/Fox deal is done, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen anytime soon. While there are a great many things that came/will come as a result of Disney purchasing most of Fox, some good, some bad, one of […]

Is Marvel Planning to Bring Deathlok Into a Future MCU Movie Soon?

[ad_1] Marvel Studios is reportedly bringing Deathlok to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Back in the 1990s, Marvel had a script that was nearly ready to go, but the studio is not the powerhouse that it is today and it was considered to be a hard sell. Over time, the project fell by the wayside, but […]