How to protect the private information on the Internet and the reason we need it

Why we should stay anonymous online?

When users access to any websites, there’s certain possibility that the websites will collect our information even illegally. In fact, some site will notify the user for their acceptance regarding taking users personal information, however some doesn’t. This collected information can be used for other purpose than intended at the beginning.

Various advertisements bumped into the websites is currently widely spreading throughout cyber space. Much more complicated ways of using the collected data include sudden limitations when users apply for a loan or a job. Furthermore, the collected personal information of people can also be used by Government bodies for different reasons, with is obviously regarded as privacy invasion.

Most popular methods to keep anonymous

Using VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology: this service helps protect your IP address when channeling all traffic via secure VPN servers.  Therefore, it will prevent websites from determine your location and identity information. Moreover, all traffic will be encrypted to prevent the data from collected by your internet provider or scammers. The best way and the most accessible is to connect via free VPN service –

VPN is the first shelter for your computer

Improve your emailing more efficient

Email is another source that can protect your anonymity.
To minimize possibility that your private information is hooked and collected illegally, you may think to the end solution is using Temporary email address. However, what’s going on if spam messages keep on annoy and influence on your data. In conclusion, how to stop spam absolutely.

The best way is to use temporary mail service which is provided by many web services, and the most famous site is Temp Mail with typical features below:

Sleek and simple design

Once access to the Temp Mail website, just a few click, an anonymous email address will be ready in your hand

User can have grant to change a generated email name to be more readable

The email box is valid forever unless the user desire to delete it

Finally, it is getting increasingly difficult to keep truly anonymous online. However, we hope that this article would be little helpful to protect your privacy from being tracked by third parties.