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The Babadook Director Returns with a Savage Revenge Tale

IFC Films has, at long last, released a trailer for The Nightingale. This may not be a movie that many horror fans have on their radar just yet. However, plenty who have seen director Jennifer Kent’s previous work, namely her 2014 feature debut The Babadook, are surely going to perk up when they find out […]

Leto Channels Iggy Pop in One of the Film’s Many Music Videos [Exclusive]

Leto pays tribute to the early years of Russian rock. In a new clip from the film, a new take on Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger” is presented, while cast members on a bus take turns singing the lines. There’s subtle touches of animation and an awkward feeling that is tough to escape. Avant-garde Russian filmmaker […]

Decapitated Trump Image on Movie Poster Ignites Controversy at Cannes

When Women Rule the World is science fiction B-movie and it probably wouldn’t be getting too much attention under normal circumstances. However, the crew behind the schlockfest are making waves at Cannes with a poster of a woman holding two decapitated heads. That’s really not that big of deal, but one of the heads looks […]

Dark Fate Poster Has Sarah Connor Ready for the Day After Judgment Day

Sarah Connor is the focus of the Terminator: Dark Fate poster. Paramount is dropping the first trailer for the long awaited sequel tomorrow, May 23rd, and the latest poster is preparing us for the sequel footage. Lucky attendees at last month’s CinemaCon were treated to some Terminator: Dark Fate scenes and the response was overwhelmingly […]

Guy Ritchie & Will Smith Capture the Magic Carpet Ride

The Aladdin trailers were savaged by fans who feared a tawdry adaptation of the beloved classic cartoon. Their concerns are about to be blown away like sand in the desert. Aladdin recaptures the magic that made the original so endearing. Director Guy Ritchie has delivered a sumptuous family adventure. Filled with dazzling visual effects, magnificently […]

Final Toy Story 4 Trailer Opens Up a Whole New Toy Chest of Trouble

Toy Story 4 is exactly one month away from hitting screens across the world. Today, Disney•Pixar have released a final look at the latest animated adventure for Buzz, Woody and all of their friends. This time, they’re leaving the house and going on the road for what should be a relaxing vacation. It soon turns […]

Blumhouse’s Invisible Man Gets a Spring 2020 Release Date

The Invisible Man remake is officially coming our way in 2020. Blumhouse Productions, the studio behind hits such as The Purge franchise, Get Out and Sinister, have been preparing to remake this classic Universal monster flick for some time now. The majority of the pieces needed are in place, including a director in the form […]

Child’s Play Poster Has Chucky Turning Toy Story Dog Into a Weenie Roast

We have yet another new poster for the upcoming Child’s Play Remake that may offend the sensibilities of Toy Story fans. As it just so happens, this movie is opening on the same day as Toy Story 4 next month, which should prove to be one of the more interesting box office showdowns of the […]

International Stuber Trailer Teams Dave Bautista & Kumail Nanjiani for Big Laughs

20th Century Fox has released a brand new trailer for Stuber. This action/comedy was one of the last projects that actually was finished by Fox before Disney took over following the multi-billion dollar merger in March. So, this is technically a Disney movie now. It made its debut at SXSW in March to something of […]

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Cannes Reactions: Another Tarantino Masterpiece?

The first reactions to Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood have arrived! This is the ninth movie from Tarantino and, if we’re to take him at his word, it could be his second to last. So it’s no small thing. The movie recently held its premiere at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and […]