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Can Hobbs & Shaw Finally Dethrone The Lion King at This Weekend’s Box Office?

For the past couple of weeks, it’s been all about Disney’s The Lion King at the box office. Last weekend, it took the domestic crown for the second week in a row by bringing in $76.6 million. However, Simba’s reign at the top is almost certainly over, thanks to what The Rock is cooking. Dwayne […]

Does Hobbs & Shaw Have Any Post-Credit Scenes?

It wasn’t all that long ago when a post-credit scene was something rare. Something people almost stumbled upon by accident, as few moviegoers ever felt the need to stay after the credits. Does anyone really want to watch all of those names scroll past the screen? However, in recent years, largely thanks to the Marvel […]

New Olivia Wilde Movie Sparks Massive Studio Bidding War

While Booksmart may not have been the sneaky box office smash it was perhaps poised to be, the heralded comedy has catapulted Olivia Wilde into the spotlight as one of the hottest directors in the business. After spending most of her career in front of the camera, Wilde is now entering another phase of her […]

TV sreaming service Locast sued by ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox

Four of the biggest names in broadcast television — ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox — have filed a lawsuit against Locast, a small TV streaming service that broadcasts over-the-air local stations for free. According to the , the TV networks have filed suit in federal court in an effort to shut down the service. Locast […]

Actually you’re not getting that $125 from Equifax, warns the FTC

Ya got played.  That’s pretty much the message from the FTC, which is now warning victims of the 2017 Equifax data breach that the much-hyped $125 per person settlement payout is really just a mirage. You see, the company screwed over so many of you that there’s not enough cash to go around.  “The public […]

Rey Has Learned New Jedi Tricks Heading Into The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker prequel comic miniseries is teasing some new Jedi abilities from Rey. The Star Wars: Allegiance comics are all set to tell the story in between 2017’s The Last Jedi and the upcoming Rise of Skywalker, which consists of about a year of the Resistance trying to rebuild while the […]

Eva Green Is Nightmare in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Fan-Made Poster

We’re still waiting to find out who will be cast as Nightmare in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but we do have one good candidate for the job. This, thanks to artist BossLogic, who has rendered up a fan poster depicting actress Eva Green as the Marvel baddie, who is set to be […]

Austin Powers 4 Probably Won’t Happen Without Verne Troyer as Mini-Me

Austin Powers 4 has been rumored for years now. Mike Myers has teased it numerous times, but it doesn’t look like it will happen now unless the actor figures out something to do without having the late Vern Troyer around. Director Jay Roach is unsure how the franchise would even move forward without Troyer, and […]

I traveled 5,000 miles for these photos of the solar eclipse

In late June, I flew from New York to Buenos Aires on my first trip to South America. I was looking forward to visiting a new continent, seeing parts of Argentina and Chile, and having a chance to use my long-neglected Spanish in conversation. But the primary reason for my visit was to view the […]

The Rock’s Black Adam Movie Will Finally Shoot Late Next Year

It’s been a very long time coming, but the Black Adam movie is finally, if all goes well, going to shoot next year. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been attached to the role for the better part of a decade. Originally, he was supposed to star as the villain in Shazam. However, it was decided […]