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De Niro Joins Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, Shooting Begins Spring 2020

The Irishman hasn’t even hit Netflix yet, and acclaimed director Martin Scorsese is already onto his next project. Killers of the Flower Moon has long been planned to star Scorsese favorite Leonardo DiCaprio. Now word comes that Robert DeNiro will also be joining the project, with shooting set to take place during spring and summer […]

How older generations share news articles in the smartphone era

When millennials head home, a lot of them are greeted with a pile of newspaper clippings.  Others receive highlighted articles sent in the mail, usually from grandparents or old-school parents.  The more “with it” parents snap a photo of articles and email or text that over. And yes, some parents have figured out how to […]

Bear burglar performs acrobatics to make off with bird feeder

Cat burglars? Out. Bear burglars? In. One sneaky bear proved the lengths to which its kind would go to get some sweet sweet noms. A Colorado couple affixed a bird feeder to their backyard shed, in a kind move for birds. They knew that bears were prevalent in their area, so they also attached a […]

Jurassic World 3 Will Celebrate Entire Jurassic Franchise, May Not Be Final Sequel

Colin Trevorrow is getting ready for Jurassic World 3 and he teased where it’s going. Additionally, the director commented on the original Jurassic Park cast rumors that have been circulating over the last few months. Trevorrow is returning to the franchise after J.A. Bayona directed last year’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which was a bit […]

Stallone Shares Hilarious Expendables Reunion Video with Schwarzenegger & Lundgren

The Expendables stars Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Dolph Lundgren recently reunited at Schwarzenegger’s place. The trio have shared videos on social media of the event and it has since gone viral as they trade friendly insults back and forth. The three friends are clearly having an excellent time and one can’t help but wonder […]

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Gets Hard-Earned Approval from Sharon Tate’s Sister

Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood made Debra Tate cry. Tate was taken by Margot Robbie’s portrayal of her sister, Sharon Tate, and wished Tarantino would’ve made a whole movie dedicated to her. For Debra, the road to the movie didn’t start on a positive note. She originally slammed Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, […]

Tony Stark Endgame Funeral May Be Most Expensive Scene in Movie History

Is the Tony Stark funeral scene in Avengers: Endgame the most expensive shot in cinematic history? The Russo Brothers believe it might be. At a reported budget of $356 million, Endgame had to be massive and thankfully, it was, and still is. The Marvel Cinematic Universe project just became the highest grossing movie of all […]

Epic Friday the 13th Party Announced with Original Jason Voorhees Actor

This fall, fans of Friday the 13th will have the rare opportunity to watch a screening of the original movie with Jason Voorhees actor Ari Lehman at the first-ever annual Jason Fest event. Hosted by the Blairstown Museum, the event will take place at Hunter’s Lodge, which is located just minutes away from Blairstown, New […]

Halloween Kills to Bring Back Surprise Character from John Carpenter’s Halloween?

We might be seeing the return of another classic Halloween character in the upcoming sequel Halloween Kills, according to a new rumor. Speaking on his podcast The Sneider Cut with Variety journalist Justin Kroll, Collider’s Jeff Sneider speaks about the same rumor both had heard about the sequel, which is that it will feature the […]

Why you should and shouldn’t consider getting a 5G hotspot

The next mobile internet revolution has started, but that doesn’t mean every person should buy into every aspect of it right away. You see, wireless 5G internet is slowly spreading across the United States, and with it comes the promise of unspeakably fast internet speeds. In fact, 5G internet is so fast that devices will […]