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This flying motorcycle will make your action movie dreams come true — Future Blink

The world’s first motorcycle aircraft will be here next year.  Read more… More about Tech, Entertainment, Transportation, Mashable Video, and Future Blink Temp Mails ( is a new free temporary email addresses service. This service provide you random 10 minutes emails addresses. It is also known by names like: temporary mail, disposable mail, throwaway email, […]

Huge LinkedIn loophole put user security at risk

If you were browsing the LinkedIn job boards this morning, you could have come across a job opening from Mashable titled “Assistant to Matt Binder.” It’s true. It would be the best job in the world…if it actually existed. Image: Screenshot: matt binder / mashable Even though it appears right there on Mashable’s official LinkedIn […]

Gender-reveal party pioneer says her daughter now bends gender norms

One of the pioneers of gender-reveal parties has changed her opinion on them, explaining that her daughter, who she had a gender-reveal party for 10 years ago, doesn’t subscribe to gender norms.  In a post on her Facebook page (named for her now-defunct blog, High Gloss and Sauce), Jenna Karvunidis set the record straight on […]

Real life Mario Kart from Formula E

Have you ever wondered what Mario Kart would look like in the real world? Thanks to Formula E, now we know! Read more… More about Mashable Video, Nintendo, Racing, Electric Cars, and Mario Kart Temp Mails ( is a new free temporary email addresses service. This service provide you random 10 minutes emails addresses. It […]

Seth Rogen calls out Twitter on Lil Nas X’s big day as CEO

Forget the Old Town Road, Lil Nas X spent Friday taking his horse to Twitter HQ for a nice change of scenery. The 20-year-old rapper announced his planned visit to the New York office on Twitter, of course, and also let everyone know that he planned to steal Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s job while he […]

The spiciest memes for your hot girl summer

It’s a Hot Girl Summer™ world, and we’re just living in it.  You’ve probably seen the phrase “hot girl summer” make an appearance on everything from Twitter memes, to Spotify playlists, to captions on selfies of Instagram baddies. It’s a cool, breezy rallying cry of self-love, a confidence-boosting catchphrase. But where did it come from, […]

Horrifying video of uncooked meat crawling off a table will ruin you

A viral video of uncooked flesh making a run for it could be pulling your leg.  The video, which was originally posted in a Facebook group and on the Chinese social media platform Weibo in June before making its way to YouTube and American media, shows a plate of raw meat at what appears to […]

Instagram tests new green screen effect in Stories

If FaceApp’s mega-viral age filter has taught us anything, it’s that the right selfie effects can take on a life of their own. Now, Instagram may be testing a new augmented reality feature that essentially puts you in front of a green screen.  The feature was uncovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who has […]

‘Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein’ could be an anthology

Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein feels like something totally out of the blue, a bizarre little gift bestowed upon millions of unsuspecting Netflix subscribers around the world. But if its creator has its way, there could be more where that came from. Speaking over the phone to Mashable, writer John Levenstein revealed that the 32-minute special […]

Politician’s emotive speech about her cancer diagnosis will move you to tears

An Australian politician gave a powerful speech on Wednesday after learning that her cancer had returned, and it’s truly personal and moving. “A week after being sworn in as a member for Dunkley I received the unexpected news that my cancer had returned,” Peta Murphy, Labor Member for Dunkley, told the Australian House of Representatives. […]