John Legend takes on James Corden in a glorious a capella riff-off

When it comes to summer tunes, what do you prefer — a classic ballad or an upbeat bop? Well, here to settle the argument once and for all are John Legend and James Corden. In a segment on The Late Late Show, the two go head-to-head in an a capella riff-off, with Legend fighting for […]

Apple MacBooks, Huawei tablets, Braun electric shavers, Philips TVs, Instant Pots, and more on sale for July 31 in the UK

We’re not saying this deals round up is the best, but it’s definitely in the top one. What other list offers great deals on 4K TVs, laptops, tablets, electric toothbrushes, shavers, speakers, and more, all in one place? OK, there might be other lists like this, but we back these deals to beat the competition. […]

Is disposable email service profitable?

Disposable email addressing, also Called DEA or Even Temp Mail , Describes an approach Where a unique email address is used for every single contact or thing. The advantage is that if anyone compromises the speech or utilises it in connection with email abuse, the address owner can cancel (or”dispose” of) it without affecting some […]

#LostTrumpHistory trends as the internet mocks Trump’s 9/11 comments

If you thought President Trump could speak about the brave work of 9/11 first responders without giving himself a little shout out, you’d be wrong. On Monday, Trump signed the act that will extend the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund before more than 200 people who were impacted by the attacks on 9/11. The bill, which […]

This is what it’s like when a covert image of you goes viral online

When Rad Konieczny first saw a screenshot of the video, he felt physically sick. A friend of a friend was the first to spot it. They told the 24-year-old set/costume designer that there was a tweet out there with him in it, but it wasn’t until later that evening — when people started messaging him […]

Marty the grocery store robot is a glimpse into our hell-ish future

Attention shoppers: I’ve seen the future of grocery store technology, and let me tell you, we can do better. I’m no Marty McFly. I simply reside in a small Connecticut town, which means that in addition to doing Extremely New England things like commuting to the city on the Metro North, bragging about beaches, and […]

Elizabeth Warren schooling John Delaney ends with his death on Wikipedia

You might not be able to pick John Delaney out of a lineup, but he’ll go down in history in at least one way: as the first 2020 presidential candidate to drop dead during a live televised debate. OK, not really, but for awhile there, Wikipedia said so. His Wikipedia page was edited mid-debate to […]

You’ll have to wait even longer to borrow some new e-books from the library

If you’re a fan of checking out e-books from your local library — and you very much should be — you may have to wait longer for new releases from one major publisher that’s angered the library industry.  Publishing giant Macmillan will only allow libraries to purchase a single e-book copy of new releases and […]

Snapchat trolls Instagram with ‘real friends’ ad campaign

Snapchat is finally growing again, and it’s using that momentum to engage in some (not so) subtle trolling of its biggest rival: Instagram. Snap introduced a new ad campaign that’s all about promoting Snapchat as the home for “real friends.” The implications, of course, being that other platforms aren’t about “real friends.” Think that’s too […]

Justice for Han Is Coming Promises Hobbs & Shaw Writer

One of the most important, and seemingly ignored, story arcs in the Fast and Furious franchise is coming back around. Many fans have taken to saying “justice for Han” in recent years, given the fate of the character played by Sung Kang. Not only did Han die, but he was killed by Jason Statham’s Deckard […]