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Love & Thunder Director Has Perfect Comeback for Disgruntled MCU Fan

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were excited to learn Taika Waititi is returning to direct Thor: Love and Thunder. However, there are more than a few who are disappointed over the fact that Waititi is returning because they didn’t enjoy the humor in Thor: Ragnarok. Even though Waititi is a busy guy, he had some time […]

Zombieland 3 Could Happen, But We May Have to Wait Another 10 Years for It

We’ve waited nearly a decade, but Zombieland: Double Tap is finally making its way to theaters this fall. The entire core cast from the original, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrellson and Abigail Breslin are all returning, as is director Ruben Fleischer. The question is, will this be the end of it? Or is Zombieland […]

Rise of Skywalker Leak Reveals New Clues About Rey’s Mysterious Origins

A new Rise of Skywalker leak provides us with some information about Rey’s origins. There has been a lot of talk about Rey’s past over the last few years, and that did not end when Kylo Ren told Rey about her parents in The Last Jedi. According to Kylo Ren, her parents “were filthy junk […]

Fast & Furious Writer Won’t Say No to Taking Franchise Into Space

Could we see Dom and the rest of the gang head to space in a future Fast and Furious movie? Screenwriter Chris Morgan refuses to rule it out. As silly as that may sound, this isn’t the first time the question has come up and, when looking at the history of this unlikely franchise, it […]

Baby Driver 2 Has a Title and Script Confirms Ansel Elgort

Baby Driver 2 is still very much in the cards. That’s not what it will be called and it’s not yet clear when it will happen, but star Ansel Elgort has seen the script and is confident that it will happen at some point. Director Edgar Wright scored a major, unexpected hit with Baby Driver […]

Disney Obliterates Its Own Worldwide Box Office Record with $7.67B in 2019

There’s still more than five months left to go in 2019 and Disney has already shattered its previous global box office record. The studio has taken in $7.67 billion this year alone, thanks to some really strong titles crossing the $1 billion threshold on their own. The previous industry record of $7.61 billion was set […]

The Irishman First Look Reunites De Niro & Pesci, Premiere Announced for NYFF

Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman will premiere at the opening night of the New York Film Festival on September 27th. Additionally, two first-look photos give us a hint of how well Industrial Light and Magic pulled off the de-aging process on Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino. Scorsese and crew took a lot of […]

Love & Thunder Bring Back Kat Dennings as Darcy?

It was recently announced that Natalie Portman will make her return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor: Love and Thunder. Not just any return, but her character Jane Foster will be taking over as the new Thor, in what was perhaps the most surprising reveal made at SDCC this year. But will the upcoming […]

Sherlock Holmes 3 Is Shooting in California Along with 10 Other New Movies

The London-Based Sherlock Holmes is coming to The Golden State. Due to the state’s $330 million program, 10 projects have been approved to receive tax credits for shooting there, and Sherlock Holmes 3 is one of them. California’s Film Commission estimates that together, they will generate $310 million in spending across the state. Among the […]

Maverick Team Never Invited Kelly McGillis to Return

Kelly McGillis reveals she was not asked to return for Top Gun: Maverick. When Tom Cruise first announced the sequel was going to officially happen, it was unclear who would be back with him on the big screen. Val Kilmer was revealed to be returning pretty early on in the process, while many fans wondered […]