Alien Shorts Trailer Celebrates 40th Anniversary in Blood-Soaked Style

We have a new red-band trailer for the upcoming series of Alien shorts. Recently, 20th Century Fox announced that they are going to release six different short films from up-and-coming filmmakers set within the franchise in honor of its 40th anniversary. Now, as the first of these shorts arrives online, we have a brand new trailer teasing what’s to come. It’s bloody, intense and everything one could possibly want from the Alien universe.

The trailer itself doesn’t give away much in terms of what to expect from each one of these tales on an individual level. Instead, it’s just a greatest hits collection of shots from each of the Alien 40th Anniversary shorts that serve to be intriguing and terrifying, while not spoiling the surprise. There is a ton of familiar imagery. Facehuggers, Xenomorphs, outfits, ships. It all looks very authentic to this universe. While it may not be a full movie, these look like they’ll fit right in with this franchise just fine and could help scratch the itch fans have had for the past couple of years.

Alien: Containment is the first short that will be released, which arrives online today over at IGN. A new short will be released every week from here on out. Starting on May 3, all of the movies will be made available via the official Alien Anthology social media accounts, as well as The rest of the entries include Specimen, directed by Kelsey Taylor, Night Shift, written and directed by Aidan Brezonick, Ore, written and directed by the Spear Sisters, Harvest, directed by Benjamin Howdeshell and Alone, written and directed by Noah Miller.

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These filmmakers were selected from over 550 different submissions. This is just part of what Fox is doing to celebrate the original movie’s 40th anniversary this year. Recently, they also released an Alien: Isolation animated series online, which is based on the video game of the same name. These are the first official projects within the franchise to be released on the big or small screen since Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant arrived in 2017. Unfortunately, that movie was met with a mixed response from both fans and critics, which contributed to its stumble at the box office. As such, a new movie hasn’t gotten off the ground.

That does leave a couple of interesting questions. Are these considered canon within the franchise? That would make a huge difference and would make this, and the Isolation animated series, essential viewing for fans. It’s also important to note that, technically, these are being released by Disney, since the Fox merger is now in effect, even though they were in the works well before the deal closed. If they do well enough, will Disney consider moving forward with the Covenant sequel Ridley Scott is supposedly still working on? Precious few answers for now, but at least we’ve got these to look forward to. Be sure to check out the trailer from the Alien Anthology YouTube channel below.

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