Are private emails a threat for government?

Are private emails a threat for government?

In texas, the people who are involved in government businesses using private email address in business is legal. There are 6 investigations about emails sent and received by A&M University in Texas. Hillary Clinton used her private emails in government business. Many people believed that this had an impact on election.

However, using private emails still legal in Texas. It’s up to acouncil member, a secretary of State to what to do with private emails because they may receive or send an email through in private email services. It can be maybe a sabotage or deleting completely, none will know what’s gonna do with that, because of low security observations. A recording of government conversations between other governments can be recorded. Much illegal things may occur without notice.

Texas lawmakers should make illegal of using private email address in official business. This is Bill Aleshire, Austin attorney and open government advocate’s opinion. Despite that State Rep. J.M Lozano (R-Kingsville) says most of the lawmakers in Texas don’t use their personal email addresses in official business because they are afraid of the prosecution for using private email in their official business as they should be.

Lozano says “that’s a part-time legislature. We multitask to the max. We cannot do any personal business from our state office or state computer”.

For security, he wants to work with Aleshire to make the laws better.

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