HBO Max adds BBC series ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘The Office’ to launch lineup

HBO Max continues to beef up its list of beloved series that will be coming to the platform, announcing the acquisition of BBC series including Doctor Who and The Office. Just to be clear, this is the UK version of The Office. The U.S. version will head to NBC’s streaming service in 2021 following its […]

Facebook wants to slide ads into your DMs, according to newly published patent

If you’ve ever felt like Facebook was literally listening to your conversations, you’re really not going to like its newest idea. A patent published Thursday details how Facebook could place targeted advertising inside of private conversations in Messenger. The company has allowed businesses to run ads in its messaging app for some time, but has […]

Hasan Minhaj’s dad once hilariously destroyed him over a high school cheating scandal

Hasan Minhaj makes everything funny, whether he’s explaining fuckboys to Tan France or roasting an absent Trump at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Now we know where he gets it: His dad is a straight-up savage. On The Tonight Show, he joined Jimmy Fallon for the refreshingly straightforward stand-up segment “Storytime”. The theme: embarrassing parents.  […]

Apple suspends program that let humans listen in to Siri conversations

Last week, The Guardian broke the news that Apple lets contractors listen to snippets of Siri recordings, often hearing confidential conversations including “medical information, drug deals, and recordings of couples having sex.” Apple confirmed the existence of the program, called “grading,” and said it was part of its quality control for Siri. Now, however, TechCrunch […]

‘IT Chapter Two’ offers up tickets for clown-only showings

Looking to scar yourself for life? Then does Alamo Drafthouse have a deal for you! IT Chapter Two is just weeks away from its Sept. 5 release date. To celebrate the sphincter-strengthening event, Alamo Drafthouse will offer up “clowns-only” screenings at 17 of its locations across the United States.  Yep. It’s like a regular movie […]

Your Amazon Dash button will soon no longer work

Pour one out for Amazon’s Dash button.  The previously handy little item, which Amazon stopped selling earlier this year, just received the final nail in its laundry-detergent-ordering coffin. The company confirmed on Thursday that, as of the end of August, the buttons will no longer work.  Yup, all your precious Dash buttons will soon be […]

Desperate farmer destroys rare Lion King toy on live TV to make a point about online bullying

On Friday morning, Australian time, a farmer went on live TV and took a pair of kitchen scissors to a tiny plastic Disney figurine potentially worth thousands of dollars, and everyone lost their minds. When struggling farmers Stephen Black and Melissa Portingale found themselves in possession of the #001 furry Simba Ooshie — a wildly […]

I Am Patrick Swayze Documentary Trailer Remembers the Iconic Actor

The Paramount Network has released the trailer for the documentary I Am Patrick Swayze, which takes a look at the life and legacy of the legendary actor. As a part of the network’s I Am documentary series, the TV special enlists many of Swayze’s most notable Hollywood colleagues to share their thoughts and memories of […]

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Trailer Secretly Slides Into Theaters with Hobbs & Shaw

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet won’t be in theaters until July of 2020, which is nearly a year away. But Warner Bros. is wasting no time promoting the secretive project. This weekend, they are quietly slipping the teaser trailer for Nolan’s mysterious movie into theaters, and fans attending early screenings of Hobbs and Shaw were surprised and […]

Atomic Blonde 2 Still Planned, May Go Straight to Streaming

Atomic Blonde 2 is still very much in the cards, according to director David Leitch. Though, it may not wind up being a theatrical release. Rather, the proposed sequel could end up finding a home on a streaming service. Which one, exactly? That remains the potentially expensive question. In any event, those who want to […]