Black Widow Special Look Teases A New World Of Widows

The Marvel fandom has been served a double dose of superheroics today, as a new trailer for the forthcoming Black Widow film aired this evening during the College Football Playoff National Championship following this morning’s release of the first Morbius trailer.

The ninety-second preview – which you can see here – opened with more footage and dialogue from Natasha Romanoff’s initial reunion with Yelena Belova, which appeared to be interrupted by a SWAT team that causes them to flee on motorbike. We then got additional footage of what looked like a break out at the mountainside prison facility where Romanoff and Belova extricate Alexei Shostakoff, also known as the Red Guardian.

Following that, there were also some addition scenes of Taskmaster fighting the titular hero and and some more looks into Natasha’s past. And exciting as it all was, it seems Marvel wasn’t stopping, there, as the studio have now also released a new “special look” at the film, which you can see above.

Admittedly, it acts as more of a behind the scenes featurette for the movie rather than a proper trailer, but combined with the aforementioned preview that dropped during the College Football Playoff National Championship, it makes for an exciting dose of Black Widow promo material.

And with the pic’s May release now quickly approaching, you can bet that the studio will be doing all it can to promote the movie. After all, as the first Phase 4 film, it has a lot of pressure to kick off this post-Avengers era of the MCU on the right foot, and given that fans have long been crying out for a solo outing for Natasha, we imagine that Marvel is going to be doing their very best to make sure Black Widow delivers the explosive MCU adventure we’ve been waiting for for years now.

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