Bong: HBO’s “Parasite” Series Not A Remake

Bong Hbos Parasite Series Not A Remake

One of the best pieces of news from the Oscar nominations was Bong Joon-ho’s dark comedy class satire “Parasite” scoring not just six nods, but becoming one of the very few films to be nominated for both Best International Feature and Best Picture.

Speaking with Deadline, Bong says he’s very happy with his nominations and then went on to explain one of last week’s most unexpected pieces of news – the “Parasite” TV series for HBO.

Bong and “Succession” executive producer Adam McKay are working on a limited TV series based on the film, but with those initial reports it wasn’t clear if the project was going to be a sequel, a spin-off or an English language remake. Bong now explains that it’s not so much a remake but rather a way for him to use the ideas he wasn’t able to include in the two-hour film:

“I really liked Adam McKay’s ‘The Big Short’ and I loved his sense of humor, and the sharp satire he conveyed about the current American politics. With ‘Parasite,’ while I was writing the script I had so many more ideas I couldn’t convey into the two-hour running time of the film. I knew that if I had a longer running time, I would be able to tell these stories, and that’s what I plan to talk about with Adam pretty soon.

Though I’m not very familiar with the TV industry, I really consider this limited series an expanded film that can delve deeper into the stories that didn’t make it into ‘Parasite.’ Adam McKay and HBO have created the amazing show ‘Succession,’ so they’re very reliable and amazing partners to have.”

“Parasite” has been a big success for all involved, the film racking up $131.4 million at the global box-office from an $11 million budget along with being frequently listed among the best films of the 2010s, and has made over $20 million in the United States – an incredibly rare feat for a foreign-language film.

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