Chris Rock Explains His “Saw” Movie

Chris Rock Explains His Saw Movie

One of the more unexpected film projects in 2020 is the upcoming reboot of “Saw”. Not because it’s another “Saw” film, that’s not a surprise in and of itself, but rather the involvement of comedian Chris Rock.

The new film is based on an idea from Rock who both penned the story treatment and stars in the film which otherwise is seemingly committed to being much like the other movies in this saga including the enlisting of “Saw” 2-4 director Darren Lynn Bousman to helm this ninth installment.

Speaking with Collider this week whilst out promoting the fourth season of “Fargo” at the Television Critics Association, Rock says the film came about due to a chance meeting with the head of Lionsgate and the aim is to still deliver the horror whilst adding a tiny bit more levity:

“There are so many movies that I’ve watched and gone, ‘Three jokes would have made that movie a lot better.’ You know what I mean? A lot of times, you can get comedy in things, if it’s grounded, without it changing the movie, per se. Just like that story that Beverly Hills Cop was written for Sylvester Stallone. Eddie Murphy was hired at the last minute, and they made kind of the same movie, but it was grounded with just a little here, here and here. So, Saw is really scary and really bloody. It’s a Saw movie. But every now and then, you take a little air out. It’s gonna be good.”

Rock also says a big reason to do the film was an opportunity to do something different. Samuel L. Jackson and Max Minghella co-star in the new film which opens in cinemas on May 15th.

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