Confidentiality is the basis of securing private data – Privatix (P2)

The benefits you have when using a Temporary email address:

Your IP address will be kept secret when you’re using an anonymous email or other websites; from that your private identity will be protected.Your internet provider or third-party can not collect the information on what websites you have accessed.

Temp Email

VPN technology will keep all your date including sending, receiving emails encrypted.

VPN technology works in exactly the same function for all other websites. Everything that you access online is being encrypted with your IP is being hidden. And this works both ways.

So what VPN technology should you choose?

At the first, you need to make clear is the VPN server you can trust. And the VPN server that you’re using should be not located within a “Fourteen eyes” country.  Because in such countries, the local government can have authority to request the information from any VPN provider, which can destroy all your anonymity and private information as your beginning purpose.

And the next thing you should understand clearly is the policy of the VPN server relating to the storage of your data and the way the Company collect all the logs of their users

We highly recommend you to have a look at one of the provider that is new and free VPS service you can find at Luckily, this provider is located in Cyprus, it is not listed in “fourteen Eyes”. Moreever, this company will not collect your personal information that can be used to clarify you when you register or enter the website. Now are you ready to use a VPN server and wish to be provied by Privatix, click below to access to their official website and select the best device you are desire. is now available as a browser (contain Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, and some software for MacOS/windows and apps for Android/IOS)

After it is installed in the system completely, you wil have to choose the name of country where you wish to access. This process will change your IP address, meanwhile your Internet data will be totally encrypted.

Temp Email

Now you may know the main and better difference between Privatix and other competitors is that Privatix is simplier, high quality. You will not be disturbed or anoyed by tons of ads pop-up. And the important thing is Privatix is totally free for all users.

All these above benefit from Privatix for VPN service would be the best choice for any one who chose to keep using completely anonymious, working with a Temporary email and keep all in confidentiality.