Dave Bautista Slams Donald Trump, Says He’s A Scumbag

If you’ve ever kept up with the lives of some of the MCU’s more vocal actors, than you’re probably aware of how outspoken Dave Bautista can be. Best known for his role as Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy series, he first made a name for himself as a WWE wrestler, though he’s since branched out into the world of film (and he’s done quite well there, too).

Unlike some of his more reserved contemporaries, though, Bautista isn’t afraid of voicing his opinions, even if they can be construed or interpreted in the wrong way. He’s gone on the record to say that his Guardians of the Galaxy audition was a complete nightmare, and he’s criticized Disney multiple times for not rehiring James Gunn to direct the third entry in the series – thankfully, the House of Mouse has since walked back that decision.

It might not come as a surprise then that Bautista isn’t a big fan of Donald Trump, and has The Hill recently reported, he’s criticized the president in the past over his controversial statements. Now, Dave has fired shots at Trump once more, taking to Twitter to point his poor use of the English language while also flipping the bird.

Of course, those who’ve been following Bautista on Twitter will know that this is hardly out of line for the actor. Just a couple of weeks ago, he referred to Trump as “PresidentDumbDumb” after the latter made some rather bizarre statements about windmills and their effect on the environment.

Even though his words are likely to rub some of the MCU’s fanbase the wrong way, it doesn’t look like Dave Bautista is planning to slow down anytime soon. Perhaps it’s because he’s more of a supporting actor than a leading man, but, for the time being at least, it looks like he’s managed to avoid any backlash from his employers.

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