There was bound to be a few errors detected when Avengers: Endgame was released digitally last week. Since the movie is available to watch at home, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been rewinding it again and again, picking every frame apart and some continuity errors have been found. One instance revolves around Ant-Man and the other has to do with Captain America, though they both take place at roughly the same time in the movie. When making a movie as sprawling as Endgame, the chance of making some mistakes is inevitable.

Right before the dusted heroes make their triumphant return during the epic battle scene in Endgame, Captain America and Thanos are engaged in an intense battle. During the battle, Thanos gets the upper hand and is about to kill Cap, but ends up breaking his shield instead. This is when all of the characters come back and start to shift the tides of the battle. One eagle-eyed MCU fan has noticed that in a massive shot, we see Steve Rogers standing there with a fully intact shield.

The Ant-Man continuity error focuses on his journey to get back to Louis’ van during the battle scene with the Wasp. At around the 2:22:00 mark, Ant-Man and Wasp head back to try and get the Quantum tunnel up and running again and when they arrive, they find out the van needs to be hotwired, which is going to take some time. It’s at this time Scott Lang specifically says he’ll need ten minutes to complete the task. However, one can clearly see Black Panther taking down Thanos’ army with the gigantic version of Ant-Man in the distance right after Lang says he needs 10 minutes.

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These are things that could have easily been spotted while watching Avengers: Endgame in theaters, but they were more than likely overlooked because of how much was going on during the battle scene. Even with a few continuity errors, the Russo Brothers accomplished a massive feat by delivering a coherent scene with so many characters involved. One would think the battle scene was the most expensive to shoot, but the Russos claim the Tony Stark funeral was the most expensive in the movie and possibly the most expensive in cinematic history.

It’s entirely possible Ant-Man had to leave the van for a moment to help take down Thanos and his army, then returning to hotwire the van, though that doesn’t sound right. As for Captain America, his shield is definitely a mistake, but it is really, really small. Some fans will call it nitpicking, but others like to see the continuity errors and consider them to be Easter Eggs, along with the callbacks to older MCU titles and characters. Endgame is available to purchase digitally right now and the Blu-ray edition goes on sale next Tuesday (August 13th). The Captain America continuity error was first discovered by Reddit.

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