Bill & Ted Face the Music officially started shooting this morning in New Orleans. To celebrate the occasion, star Alex Winter shared the first behind-the-scenes image and the Wyld Stallyns are truly riding again. The sequel’s co-writer Ed Solomon announced over the weekend that production was due to start this morning with the crew call at 7:30 AM and first shot at 9 AM. If that wasn’t enough, Keanu Reeves was spotted around New Orleans without his John Wick beard, looking a lot more like Ted Theodore Logan.

It’s not clear if the image from Alex Winter from the set of Bill & Ted 3 is going to be included in the movie at this time. It features Winter’s back wearing a new Wyld Stallyns shirt with a caption that reads, “Day one. See you on the other side and remember to be excellent.” Even with all of the recent castings and production teases, it’s still hard to believe the long awaited sequel is actually happening after spending years in development hell.

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves have wanted to make Bill & Ted 3 for a number of years, along with writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson. Even with script completion announcements over the years, the sequel was still far away from becoming a reality because it was having trouble securing financial backing. While long-time fans of our most excellent heroes have been waiting nearly 30 years to see them return, it seemed unclear how they would be received in today’s social media climate. With that being said, there is some major hype for Bill & Ted 3 from groups of all ages.

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In addition to the return of Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves, Bill & Ted 3 sees William Sadler back as Death after being last seen in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Amy Stoch and Hal Landon Jr. are also returning to play Missy and Ted’s dad Chet, while newcomer Beck Bennett will be playing his younger brother Deacon. One of the more exciting castings has been the addition of Barry‘s Anthony Carrigan, who is playing a mysterious villain. While details about his character are under wraps, there has been speculation he could be the son of De Nomolos or possibly even Sadler’s Death.

Bill & Ted Face the Music is currently shooting in New Orleans and will be released next August. With such an amazing cast on board, seeing the titular heroes again should be most excellent. Chris Matheson, Ed Solomon, Keanu Reeves, and Alex Winter are all happy to be reunited and their excitement has proven to be infectious. Let’s hope the excitement lasts and were able to see some more shots from behind-the-scenes as the production continues throughout the summer. While we wait for more, you can see Alex Winter’s Twitter post of the first Bill & Ted 3 behind-the-scenes image below.

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