Gimple Plans “Walking Dead” Event Series

Gimple Plans Walking Dead Event Series

AMC’s zombie drama “The Walking Dead” broke out with a massive viewership in its early years, quickly becoming the most-watched TV show on the air for a while there.

In recent years though it has made more headlines for losing viewership than anything else, even as the network’s ambitious plans for the franchise as a whole shows no sign of slowing down. Part of the reasoning for that has been the loss of key original characters from the flagship show.

Now, franchise content chief Scott M. Gimple has spoken with EW about his ambitions for more side projects beyond the three shows and already announced film spin-off. Turns out they hope to enlist different storytellers to tell different stories from within this universe and so more standalone projects could easily happen – including ones that focus on characters long dead:

“We’re working on a big push of something I was working on originally and then I got much more focused on the shows in my first year on this job and developing World Beyond and getting the movie going. We really do want to come out with different TV formats, meaning shorter things, and then some event series, limited event series.

I’m trying to get together a number of different things that we can show at different times during the year, and this focuses on characters we miss and we lost. It focuses on aspects of that new mythology. It focuses on stories that occur in our universe and have nothing to do with anything.

Nothing to do with the shows or the movies, that are just these little zombie tales that happen in our world with our rules and our timeline but are just really great zombie stories, really great stories of the end of the world. I’ve been working on that with a variety of people, and that’s actually proving to be super fun and interesting.”

Asked more about the limited series focused around lost characters, especially those we didn’t get to spend enough time with, Gimple assures fans they won’t just do that type of storytelling even as it’s one thing that’s definitely in mind for now:

“That’s exactly what we’re doing. I mean, it isn’t the only thing we’re doing. It’s not like everything is like Gotham, but that’s one of the sort of three kind of categories that we’re tackling. It’s awesome. It’s awesome to be able to play with characters that we’ve lost, and it’s awesome to fill in some of the blanks.”

“The Walking Dead” returns with the back half of its tenth season on February 23rd.

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