I can make sure that there are sometimes that you look at the cinemas’ stage and think about something like this, ‘You know what we need? We need more movies that literally and horrifically turn innocent people into marine mammals’? I know who can, his name is Kevin Smith, and he brings us, Tusk full movie.

For your better understanding, I mean this figuratively and misunderstand the very definition of literally – No. Smith LITERALLY turns Mr. Justin Long into an actual walrus. Do you wonder how a director of such cult comedy classics as Clerks and Chasing Amy put an end to amputating body parts and creating this bizarre mishmash of categories? In this article, we will talk about this.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Justin Long stars as Wallace Bryton, a fair douche yet well-known podcaster for the show Not-See Party (insert yuck-yuck here). The show of Wallace has a simple introduction to me: He ventures to some of the locations in search of absurdities and then returns to mock them incessantly on-air with his co-host and also his best friend who is called Teddy (Haley Joel Osment, yes, THAT Osment).

After the failure of panning out the trip to Canada, Wallace follows a random letter posted on a bar bulletin board to an isolated elderly man by the name of Howard Howe (Michael Parks), making some promises of telling exciting tales whenever coming. This is where the film begins its descent into horror as Howe kidnaps Wallace and begins transforming him into the best friend he has ever known, his personal savior/walrus that Howe affectionately refers to as Mr. Tusk.

OK, it’s is just weird

And also at that time, Wallace’s girlfriend who was called Ally (Genesis Rodriguez) and Teddy start doing a personal search for Wallace. This search is what brings them together with rogue detective Guy Lapointe (portrayed by an actor and we think it will be better if we do not spoil here) on the hunt for a serial killer.

After reading the text above, I know you will question: does any of this random insanity work? This will make you surprised, I guess: most of it actually does. The first two-thirds of Tusk movie is arguably the best film Kevin Smith has both written and directed. The dialogue feels more natural and peculiarly overhanging, he commands the camera like a filmmaker, and the performances from all involved are particularly strong for this category (Parks, Lapointe, and Rodriguez especially are all of the revelations). Then the last act of Tusk movie hits and the film has snowballed down movie-mountain, mindlessly chasing its own tone in its last 40 minutes. Do you think that it is horror? Or is it a goofy comedy? And finally, did anyone else notice Wallace sounds just like…Walrus?!

You have to give Kevin Smith a lot of credit for following this idea through, no matter the outcome. We can see that most of the film with this setup would keep going down the path of Misery and deny to commit to its overlying idea – which a lunatic truly wants and DOES, create his most cherished yet the mournful memory by mutilating the lead actor of the film once more time.

Now we have the commitment of Smith. Hell, he even throws fish at his commitment. To make a storyline this bat-shit crazy work, there needs to be an accomplished director at hand, which Smith finally (after 20 years of static shots) lives up to the challenging mission. His writing has never been tighter nor his direction more on par with his peers. Then we can see the beginning of outweighing the intended shock-and-awe as the final act happens and giggling.

For those who does not have the awareness of Tusk full movie prior to its release, the concept for the movie stems from Smith’s own Smodcast, a podcast where he and co-host Scott Mosier pontificate over random ideas and thus the idea of Tusk movie was sprung (stay through the credits to hear bits from the initial episode). As a longtime podcaster, I found myself both the appreciation and the respectfulness towards Smith’s assertion that this verbal riffing can lead to a full-length feature film. This idea has a little bit of ridiculousness, but one that almost works until that final reel where Smith lets his previously firm grasp slip ever so slightly.

From a lot of glances at Walrus (you are welcome) in the overly-cheesy walrus suit to the WAY too convenient that discover our elusive serial killer (Wallace might as well have left GPS coordinates just when they piece this together), this third act savagely jumps the rails. The final five minutes particularly, which could have shown its own power in a film like this, absolutely misses its beat by introducing a theme last-minute that should have been launched from the beginning, thereby losing its effect that is intended totally. These small choices have made the ultimate painful of the story of Mr. Tusk and friends, as the film stood right on the cusp of becoming an instant cult-classic.

If you are looking for an absurd yet original horror-comedy, you must consider watching Tusk full movie which has the ability to meet all of your requirements. The performances are all top-notch and, in spite of the fact that the last act spirals out of control a bit, the story is consistently engaging throughout. We cannot deny that Tusk movie is not the best product in the career of Kevin Smith, it is still by far the strongest direction from his storied career and all of the words I could muster would still not do the film’s story justice. Tusk full movie demands to be seen to be believed.

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