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How to rent a flat in the Eastern Europe adopting a disposable mailbox

It’s natural for travelers to save money on living in the foreign country by rent a cheap flat instead of expensive hotel room. The simplest way to find such a room is to use service. However, it should be noticed, that the mechanism of finding a flat in the Eastern Europe, especially in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of CIS, is much different than those one in Western Europe or USA due the large number of fake realtors.

Particularly, if you come in “Rent a flat in Saint Petersberg”, you’ll learn a lot of ads from homeowners, offering you a great flat or apartment for only 20.000-30.000 Rubles (300-400 USD). In  fact, most of the ads are fake and were posted by fake realtors. So, if you prefer to rent a flat for a few weeks or months, you should get real ads and homeowners by yourself.

What are the strides for renting?

  1. Take a disposable mail and temporary skype account.

You needn’t register new email for free mail services. Just open, and you’ll pick up a disposable mail box immediately without any registration. Your temporary emails address is presented at the top of the page To get an incoming mail press click “Refresh” button. It should be noticed, that incoming messages are stored only for 60 minutes, but it more than enough for our jobs.
You should use disposable mail and skype account to disguise your real personal information from the person you are talking to, because it serves you to avoid spam and fraud. Later, when you’ll discover a real homeowner, you’ll disclose him your personal information.

  1. Open Google or Yahoo search page and begin “Rent a flat in (enter here the name of the city you are interested in) forums”. Why forums? Only on forums you can identify a good realtor or real homeowner, as most of the advertisement boards has a number of fake ads.

Register on the found forums using disposable mail. Write on forums, which you are searching a flat for a long term from real homeowner. You can write messages on your native language or take free Google translate service. Soon, you’ll have answers for your messages.

  1. Don’t hesitate to get suggestion people, whether they are real homeowners, what are the conditions, ask them to send you photo and video, ask them to write you and exact address, where the flat is located, talk about rental amount and payment method. You can again ask homeowner to make fresh photo of the flat to make sure, that uploaded photos are real.
  2. Real homeworkers are able to deal with any questions and can send you the photo of all the details to make sure that they are real homeowners.
  3. Ask the same queries in a couple of days. Real homeowner wishes to rent a flat to a good housekeeper, so he wouldn’t be annoyed and can answer all the questions again the same way. If you are speaking to scammer, he wouldn’t be able to answer the question the same way.
  4. If the man you are talking to seems to be a real homeowner, ask him to talk to you in skype. Ask him to show you up the flat by video call.
  5. If everything seems ok, you can book the flat for a definite period and transfer him a small prepayment (must not exceed 10 percent of weekly rent). Now you could disclose homeowner your real address, phone number and skype account. Disposable mail and temporary skype login can be eliminated.

These elementary steps can help you to find a cheap flat or room in any city of Eastern Europe or CIS. However, you should know that if you want to save money, you take additional risks, so be ready to live some time in more expensive hotel, until you’ll discover a cheap flat.

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