We’re going to get our first proper look at Jay and Silent Bob Reboot in just a few weeks, as the trailer for Kevin Smith’s latest is set to make its debut at San Diego Comic-Con. Smith and SDCC have a long-standing relationship. The Clerks filmmaker has been a staple of the event for years and a proponent of geek culture dating back to the 90s. As such, it seems fitting that his latest entry in the View Askewniverse will be making its debut at the sacred grounds of Hall H.

Kevin Smith made the announcement on Instagram recently. He revealed that a red-band version of the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot trailer has been cut together and will be showcased at the massive pop culture event. He also had some very kind words for those who actually cut together the trailer. Here’s what he had to say.

“I’m bringing the Jay and Silent Bob trailer to Comic-Con and these fine folks are to blame! Saban Films picked trailer house AV Squad to chop my 1 hour and 45 min epic into a 2 min and 30 seconds red band preview that represents the fun and feels of #jayandsilentbobreboot! And the team at #avsquadla did not disappoint! Ben Brown and Bradley David did a phenomenal job of teasing what’s in Reboot without giving it all away, which is a true talent only some storytellers have. I can’t thank these cats enough for distilling my new favorite flick down to a trailer that makes even *me* wanna watch the movie (and I’ve seen it lots)!”

This is the first time Kevin Smith has visited his interconnected universe of characters since Clerks 2 in 2006. It’s also the first movie that he’s made since suffering his near-fatal heart attack last year. But he’s rebounded in a big way and has what is likely his most highly-anticipated movie in more than a decade on the way. Speaking a bit further, Smith recalled a chance encounter with the editors he’s been working with, which happened last year.

“To show you what a small world the movie biz can be, I’d actually met Bradley David before. On Halloween, I ran into him and his buddy at Veggie Grill (as seen in the second photo) and they were dressed like my characters! So the guy in the Jason Mewes cosplay was the same guy who cut the #jayandsilentbob Reboot trailer! How poetic is that? It’s gotta be a good sign we got the right man for the job! You’ll find out in Hall H!”

Jason Mewes will be back as Jay alongside Kevin Smith’s Silent Bob. The cast includes returning favorites from his previous movies such as Jason Lee, Brian O’Halloran, Shannon Elizabeth, Diedrich Bader, Rosario Dawson and many more. Method Man, Red Man, Molly Shannon, Kate Micucci and Chris Jericho have also joined the cast, in addition to actors like Chris Hemsworth, who will be making cameo appearances. Smith has also promised that he will be including a tribute to the late Stan Lee.

No release date for the movie has been set just yet. It’s expected to be ready for a fall debut and we’re likely to learn a whole lot more once SDCC rolls around. San Diego Comic-Con takes place from July 18 through 21. Be sure to check out the post from Kevin Smith’s Instagram below.

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