Leaked Set Video From James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad Surfaces Online

While it might not boast the most original title, The Suicide Squad (which, yes, is the sequel to the 2016 film of nearly the same name) could just be the movie to sell the world on the idea of the DC Extended Universe. Sure, 2018’s Aquaman reeled in a sizable chunk of change at the box office, but it didn’t exactly wow critics and fans with its storytelling. On the flipside, Shazam! received solid reviews for its direction and performances, but it failed to become the blockbuster Warner Bros. might have been hoping for. That’s where The Suicide Squad comes in — not only is it backed by a handful of A-listers, but it’s being written and directed by James Gunn, who brought a lot to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel.

Presumably taking place after the events of Birds of PreyThe Suicide Squad is only bringing back a few key figures from the first movie (namely, Harley Quinn, as well as Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, and Captain Boomerang), and we still aren’t entirely sure what shape the story will take. However, some leaked footage from the film’s set not only shows off Harley Quinn, but it also provides our first look at Idris Elba, who is widely speculated to be taking on the role of Vigilante. The brief clip also teases the arrival of Polka-Dot Man, a minor supervillain who made his first appearance in the 300th issue of Detective Comics Vol 1, as well as Ratcatcher. Unlike the original character, this particular take on the pied piper will be female, with Daniela Melchior taking on the role.

We’re not entirely sure what other superheroes and villains will make an appearance (though we know the Joker will be absent), and with The Suicide Squad set to release on August 6th, 2021, we have a bit of a wait ahead of us.

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