Malek Responds To “No Time To Die” Rumors

Malek Responds To No Time To Die Rumors

There was various problems with “Spectre” but one of the most obvious was it made the same mistake that “Star Trek Into Darkness” made a few years beforehand.

Namely a key revelation was a big ‘name drop’ moment, a reveal that held no weight because the arrival of this information was not only highly predictable, but it had no bearing on the story in the film itself and no real justification for its inclusion beyond serving as a moment of pure fan service.

It’s a twist with no meaning, a spoiler that spoils nothing. Recently a rumour has been going around that the upcoming 25th James Bond film, “No Time To Die,” will do the same thing. That rumour pegs that Rami Malek’s scarred villain Safin, a bad guy who has some obvious expertise in genetics, is actually none other than Dr. Julius No – the bad guy played by the late Joseph Wiseman in the very first Bond film in 1962 which originated from a 1958 novel.

The Playlist says that eagle-eyed fans have been looking over the trailers saying none of the spots or trailers so far show Safin’s hands, suggesting he has prosthetic hands like Dr. No. They add the facial scarring could be from ‘radiation exposure’, the mask that Malek wears in the trailer is called a ‘Noh’ mask, and then there’s the first word of the film’s title itself being a hint.

Speaking with Esquire, the actor warned upfront “I have to be extremely careful. I can’t really talk about the character”. He was asked directly about the Dr. No rumour and said: “I heard that. Am I? I mean, isn’t that an exciting thing to consider all the way up to the release?”.

He does say that “there is a resurgence of an Ian Fleming influence on this film” with the movie serving as the swan song for Daniel Craig’s take on the Bond character. “No Time To Die” is slated to open in cinemas on April 8th, check out a new TV spot below:

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