New Star Wars Theory Says Finn May’ve Used The Force In The Last Jedi

Finn didn’t get a whole lot to do in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but there was one major revelation, or at least half of one, to do with the character. While speaking to Jannah about how he broke out of his Stormtrooper programming, John Boyega’s hero says it was the Force, heavily implying that he has Force abilities. This adds up with other instances in previous films. Notably, his talent with a lightsaber in The Force Awakens. And, possibly, this moment in The Last Jedi.

A Star Wars fan theory has gone viral on Twitter over the past couple of days that examines a scene from TLJ in a whole new light. Rmember when the Resistance is trapped in an old Rebel base on Crait and the First Order are breaking in? The gang find a way out, but it’s blocked by rocks. Fortunately, Rey has arrived and is on hand to use her newfound Jedi training to move the blockage. As she clears the way, she and Finn set eyes on each other for the first time in the movie. As Finn runs towards her, Rey moves the rocks away from him to clear his path. Or does she?

As you can see above, this fan is wondering if it actually wasn’t Rey, after all, and Finn was creating his own path. Sure, Rey is the one lifting the rocks, but it sort of would make more sense for him to move them as he goes instead of her, otherwise that would require a lot of precision on Rey’s part. Obviously, this would’ve been an unconscious action from Finn, but involuntary uses of the Force in moments of extreme emotion – like reuniting with a friend you feared dead – are definitely a thing.

This likely wasn’t director Rian Johnson’s intention, but with all the retcons that The Rise of Skywalker makes, it’s up to Star Wars fans to get creative and work out ways to tie the whole story of the Sequel Trilogy together.

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