TL;DR: Get the nutrient-extracting Ninja Fit personal blender for $44.99. Usually priced at $59.99, you’ll be saving $15 to put towards crossing back-to-school essentials off your shopping list. 

You know what’s great about college? Having pizza, grilled cheese, and fried-anything just a few steps away at the dining hall. What’s not so great on the other hand, is overdoing it until fruits and vegetables become a distant memory. Since our bodies and brains function best when we’re fueling them with the necessary nutrients and vitamins, figuring out a way to incorporate them into your busy schedule is a must. But you already know that you little smarty-pants, you. 

For a nutrient-rich meal on the move, blending up a smoothie is the most convenient way to go. And since right now you can get the Ninja Fit personal blender for 25% at Amazon, there’s never been a better time to add it to your wellness routine. 

The Ninja Fit is designed with a 700 watt motor so you know it’ll power through veggies, ice, fruits, and of course, those dreaded protein shake clumps. It’s also ideal for dorm rooms and small spaces thanks to its small stature. And since the blender comes with two 16 ounce Nutri Ninja cups, two travel lids, and a recipe guide, you’ll be set on inspiration and ready for smoothies on the go. 

Pro tip: Grab some extra fruit from the dining halls and throw it in your mini fridge’s freezer compartment. Add some frozen yogurt, your choice of juice, and maybe a few pieces of kale to blend up a delicious smoothie ASAP. After all you’re an adulting adult now and real adults eat kale, right?

Head to Amazon to get the Ninja Fit personal blender while it’s 25% off and start the semester off with healthy habits. 

Ninja Fit personal blender is on sale for 25% off at Amazon

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