“Predator: Hunting Grounds” Game Trailers

Predator Hunting Grounds Game Trailers

Two new trailers are out for “Predator: Hunting Grounds,” an upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer shooter title based on the classic 1987 feature starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You play as either part of an elite team of soldiers called ‘Fireteam’ trying to complete a mission, or a Predator trying to hunt said soldiers down. Each side has unique weapons, and the new trailers go into what it’s like to play each side.

The game also features different classes and weapon loadouts that players can choose in order to more effectively complete missions against heavily armed forces in the jungles of South America.

The Predator’s mission is clearer. Study the warriors in the jungle and choose the best of the best to engage. Dispatch your targets and collect trophies to display as tokens of each hunt.

“Predator: Hunting Grounds” is running a trial weekend from March 27th-29th via the PS4 store and the Epic Games Store, with the full game arriving April 24th.

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