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Quick News Cruise Joe Space Nice Final

Tom Cruise
Paramount Home Media Distribution has announced this week that in the lead up to “Top Gun: Maverick,” the studio will be releasing Tony Scott’s “Top Gun” and “Days of Thunder” along with Steven Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds” all on 4K Ultra HD for the first time ever. All three Tom Cruise-led films will be available to purchase on May 19th. [Source: CBM]

G.I. Joe
Hasbro has released fifteen episodes of the iconic 1980s “G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero” animated series on YouTube via their official account to help people get through the coronavirus pandemic. The franchise follows a fearless, globe-trotting special missions force which works to combat Cobra, an organization with an evil commander bent on world domination.

The fifteen episodes include the first two five-part miniseries — “The M.A.S.S. Device” and “The Revenge of Cobra” — as well as the first five-part first season story “The Pyramid of Darkness.” You can stream them by clicking here.

Space Jam 2
Paul Scheer (“The League,” “Black Monday”) has revealed that actor Don Cheadle will be playing the villain of the “Space Jam” sequel which is still on track for a July 2021 release. LeBron James leads the cast of the film which also includes Sonequa Martin-Green, while Malcolm D. Lee helms the project which wrapped the live-action part of its shoot in September and is currently in the animation phase. [Source: Cinema Blend]

Wouldn’t It Be Nice
“UnREAL” and “Roswell” actress Shiri Appleby is in negotiations to direct the body-switching romantic comedy “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” for the Disney+ streaming service. Emma Fletcher penned the script while Andrew Gunn is producing. The story follows teenage friends – a star football player on the rise and a brainy girl with few prospects – who wake up 20 years later to find out they are married and living a life neither of them expected. [Source: Heat Vision]

Final Fantasy VII
The highly anticipated full remake of “Final Fantasy VII”, which overhauls the 1997 original, has scored a new 22-minute behind-the-scenes featurette that includes interviews with several members of the remake design team. Those involved discuss how the project was conceived and the decision to break it up into several parts with the first game, hitting April 10th, to only contain the first ten hours of the original (up to the Midgar escape).

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