Another Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker leak may reveal Emperor Palpatine’s new planet destroying starship that carries the same tech as the Death Star. The spacecraft in question is called the Onager Star Destroyer and it is seen firing its cannon towards a planet, with a firing range that is capable of destroying a small country with a single blast. This fits in rather nicely with the latest rumors surrounding Palpatine’s return in the upcoming movie, which also involve a ship capable of taking out planets. Could the Onager Star Destroyer be Palpatine’s latest weapon against the Resistance? There are potential SPOILERS for Rise of Skywalker below.

First of all, the Onager Star Destroyer looks pretty massive and intense. It’s from a new Star Wars tabletop game called Star Wars: Armada, which also features another ship called the New Republic Starhawk. The Onager has a hammerhead shark-type design and in an image included with a replica of the ship, it appears to be firing into a country-sized area of the planet with its pulse canon, as we can see an explosion under the model (but the toy is obscuring the total view of the explosion). While the ship certainly looks great and carries on Star Wars tradition, there are more than a few questions about it. The ship is actually used in the Galactic Civil War. The Rebels were under the assumption that the Empire was building “Siege Breakers,” which used kyber crystals for their weapons.

The most recent Rise of Skywalker leaks referring to Emperor Palpatine revolve around him commanding the Sith Troopers from the Unknown Regions, where they have reportedly been hiding out on a “mobile Death Star.” After the initial leak hit the internet, the Onager Star Destroyer was revealed, and this new image shows it in action. It is widely believed that this is Palpatine’s new ship which has the highly skilled Sith Troopers on board. If this is the case, the Resistance is going to be in for a giant surprise.

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As for the planet that the Onager Star Trooper is aiming to unload its cannon on, many believe it to be Pasaana, a new planet in The Rise of Skywalker, which might play a big role in the upcoming movie. Pasaana is the planet featured in the first trailer where Rey does a flip over Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter. Some fans are under the impression that it’s the spot where the wreckage of the Death Star II is located, which is also featured in the trailer. Obviously, this is all speculation at this point, but the Onager Star Destroyer sure seems to fit into the current rumored storyline quite well.

J.J. Abrams and crew are doing their best to keep all of The Rise of Skywalker leaks under wraps, but now is the time certain things will start coming to light. All of the toy manufacturing has to be done far ahead of the movie coming out and we will more than likely end up seeing quite a bit more merchandising leaks in the coming months. With that being said, it’s probably time for fans who are looking to go into the movie completely blind to start avoiding certain sites and social media platforms. The Onager Star Destroyer was first discovered over at Reddit.

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