Seth MacFarlane Shares ‘Family Guy’ Podcast About Coronavirus

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane shared a hilarious coronavirus-themed “podcast” from Stewie and Brian Griffin on his Instagram Wednesday night. The nearly five-minute clip features the two characters (both voiced by MacFarlane) as hosts, rambling about various topics including social distancing, quarantine, and Katy Perry’s pregnancy. Wait, she’s pregnant? The podcast also features cameos from other MacFarlane-voiced characters Peter Griffin and Glenn Quagmire:

It’s a pretty genius move on MacFarlane’s part. There’s no need for animation in a podcast, so he can add as many characters to the bit as he wants. It’s also helpful that he happens to voice three of the show’s most recognizable characters. The clip is filled with hilarious tidbits, incorporating real advice for staying safe amidst the global pandemic. Not to mention, there’s a couple dad-jokes thrown in there. Brian suggests checking out the guidelines on the World Health Organization’s website (WHO for short). “Who?” asks a confused Stewie. “Yes,” replies Brian. “No, whose website?” “That’s correct.“

We’ve seen a lot of coronavirus PSAs over the past few weeks. Mel Brooks and his son Max put together a charming video reminding younger adults to have their elders’ best interests at heart when social distancing. Ryan Reynolds poked fun at celebrity influencers during troubling times in his Instagram video. As conditions continue to change on the daily, it’s nice that the Internet can provide us with entertainment from our favorite characters. Let’s hope Stewie and Brian stick with the podcast thing — they’re actually pretty good at it.

You can currently stream Family Guy on Hulu or YouTube TV.

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