Seth Rogen Reveals He Helped Judd Apatow Rewrite ‘Bad Boys II’

Michael Bay’s infamous 2003 blockbuster sequel Bad Boys II was for many, simply too much. An insane amount of locations, car chases, shoot-em-up’s, and explosions suffocated any notion of a satisfying plot line. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence do their best to anchor the franchise with their undeniable chemistry, but it’s never enough. Some would argue it’s so bad it’s good, while many others conclude that it’s simply just bad. But there’s no denying it has some funny jokes, and now we know why.

With the supposedly much better Bad Boys For Life hitting theaters this week, Seth Rogen has come clean on Twitter. Apparently, he and fellow Superbad writer Evan Goldberg had something to do with Bad Boys II: 

First of all, it’s absolutely hilarious for Rogen to drop a bomb like that with such casual flair. No punctuation, no capitalization, just telling it how it is: “I helped rewrite bad boys 2.” Bad Boys II’s screenplay was officially written by Ron Shelton and Jerry Stahl, but writer/director Judd Apatow was brought on board for rewrites. Now we know that Apatow enlisted Rogen and Goldberg, and that the writing team is responsible for several jokes in the movie. Career timeline-wise, this rewrite session occurred roughly in 2002, following the cancellation of Apatow’s series Undeclared after one season. It was also right before his feature directorial debut The 40 Year-Old Virgin. 

Bad Boys For Life hits theaters on January 17.

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