Shari Headley is reteaming with Eddie Murphy for Coming to America 2. Headley is reprising her role as Lisa McDowell from the 1989 original. In addition to Murphy and Headley, the highly anticipated sequel also sees the return of Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Paul Bates, and John Amos. Leslie Jones, Kiki Layne, Rick Ross, and Wesley Snipes have also joined the cast. Production is reportedly getting set to begin this fall, after director Craig Brewer, Murphy, and Snipes finish off the promotional tour for Netflix’s upcoming Rudy Ray Moore biopic Dolemite Is My Name.

In the original Coming to America, Shari Headley played Lisa McDowell, the love interest and eventual wife to Prince Akeem. John Amos played her father, Cleo McDowell, who was not too happy to see one of his latest McDowell’s employees courting his daughter. However, things change once the elder McDowell finds out about Akeem’s royal heritage and suddenly he is totally fine with the idea. It’s not clear how these two characters will be brought back into the fold in Coming 2 America, but it is assumed that Akeem and Lisa are still married.

Coming 2 America will see Eddie Murphy’s Prince Akeem, who is set to become King of Zamunda, as he discovers he has a long-lost son in America. Akeem wants to honor his father’s dying wish to groom said son as the crowned prince of Zamunda, so he and Arsenio Hall’s Semmi set off to America once again. It sounds like a promising start for the highly anticipated sequel and many fans are just happy it’s happening at all with so much of the original cast returning to the fold, along with some newcomers.

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One of the newcomers in Coming 2 America is veteran actor Wesley Snipes, who is playing General Izzi, a man who rules a neighboring nation. It is believed that Izzi and Prince Akeem will be rivals and that the General may be looking to expand his kingdom while Akeem is back in the United States. This pure speculation, but it does make a lot of sense. Kiki Layne is playing Prince Akeem’s daughter, who considers herself to be the son her father never had. As for Leslie Jones’ role, that is being kept under wraps for the time being.

Rick Ross’ role in Coming 2 America is also unclear. However, he might be playing himself after letting Nick Cannon know in a new interview that some scenes will be shot at his estate. Whatever the case may be, the sequel is certainly shaping up to be something special. Eddie Murphy has largely stayed out of the spotlight over the years and is gearing up to make a big comeback. The actor/comedian is returning to one of his most beloved roles and is excited to be doing so. The casting of Shari Headley in Coming 2 America was first announced by Deadline.

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