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Apple iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max hands-on — flagship smartphones without 5G

We got a hands-on demo of the smartphones, which you can see in the video. The iPhone 11 Pro will be available on September 20 for $999, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be available on the same day for $1,099. This kind of phone will be great for games and photography, but it […]

Why I’ve never paid Apple store prices for an iPhone and you shouldn’t either

I’m not one of those early adopters, but my friend is. She had a Motorola Razr before anyone else in our social circle. Back then, I was still sliding my Samsung and using T9 predictive texting. Checking my email and and using a touchscreen seemed like things I’d never experience on a phone. But when […]

What The Heck Is The “Ultra Wide Band” Apple Is All Excited About?

Apple added a new piece of hardware on the latest iPhone 11, Pro, Pro Max that will let them talk to Apple’s upcoming (rumored) Tile-alternative. These tiny tags can us help find usually forgettable items like keychains, wallets, etc. However, the company just gave a small mention of the U1 chip while displaying the iPhone […]

Apple Arcade Competitior Google Play Pass To Officially Debut Soon

The Apple Arcade Competitor Google Play Pass is coming soon. Google made the announcement via a tweet at 3:15 AM IST on September 10, 2019. After yesterday’s event from Apple, Google is ready to take up the big stage next. At yesterday’s event, the presenter announced the launch date for the Apple Arcade gaming subscription, […]

Apple Announces 10.2-Inch, A10-Powered 7th Gen iPad: Launching Sept. 30th for $329

As part of today’s fall keynote presentation for mobile devices, Apple took the wraps off of the latest iteration of their entry-level iPad. Now entering its 7th generation, the new iPad continues to retain most of the classic tablet’s design elements and features, however strictly speaking, Apple has finally moved past the tablet’s classic 9.7-inch […]

Apple adjusts App Store search algorithm after report found its apps ranked first for hundreds of search terms

The big picture: Despite compounding evidence, Apple says “there’s nothing about the way we run search in the App Store that’s designed or intended to drive Apple’s downloads of our own apps.” However, the company’s increased focus on services means it’s slowly turning into a big competitor for some of the biggest names in the […]

Apple accuses Google’s Project Zero of creating unfounded fears around recently disclosed iPhone vulnerability

In brief: The two tech giants had a public back and forth this week about an embarrassing and now patched iOS vulnerability discovered by Google researchers. Apple takes issue with the way it was disclosed, and sought to “clarify” things in typical Cupertino fashion. Google stands firmly on its research, but Apple argues it was […]

Apple researchers improve Siri’s ability to match commands with domains

It’s no great secret that Apple’s voice assistant has plenty of room for improvement. The Cupertino company is aware of this — in June, it debuted an improved neural text-to-speech model capable of delivering a more natural-sounding voice without the use of samples. And in a newly published research paper on the preprint server, […]

Apple Hits Back Hard At Google And Defends iOS Security

When Google revealed via its findings that Apple’s ecosystem isn’t as safe as we think it to be, it came as a shock to Apple. Responding to Google, Apple has defended its security system, clarifying that Apple ain’t here to take anyone’s shit. Apple’s response to Google Apple, via an official press release, has hinted […]

Apple launches public beta of Apple Music on the web

In brief: Apple Music is now available on all platforms through a new web app that is currently in public beta and offers almost all the essential features of the dedicated apps. It requires an Apple Music subscription and the company will ask for your feedback so that it can iron out any bugs. Apple […]