#DontSpoilTheEndgame Campaign Launched by Avengers Directors

We’re in the endgame now, and directors Joe and Anthony Russo kindly ask that you don’t spoil it for anyone. In just over a week, Avengers: Endgame will finally hit theaters. This movie is going to resolve, without overstating it, one of the biggest cliffhangers in the history of cinema. And, for the most part, […]

Marvel Fans Warned as Spoiler-Filled Avengers: Endgame Footage Leaks Online

Marvel tried to protect us, much like The Avengers tried to protect the universe from Thanos. It just didn’t work. Despite the studio’s best efforts, a huge chunk of footage from the upcoming Avengers: Endgame has leaked online, and it carries with it a great many spoilers. We’ll say up top that we’re not going […]

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Weighs in on Gross Avengers: Endgame Ant-Man Theory

The “Thanus” Avengers: Endgame theory has reached a whole new level of absurdity. Neil DeGrasse Tyson has now addressed the theory, but he does think it’s pretty gross. DeGrasse Tyson is not wrong for saying that. In case you’re not familiar, there is a very popular fan theory floating around stating Ant-Man should jump into […]

Captain America’s Original Avengers Costume Gets Roasted by Endgame Stars

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. made fun of the Captain America suit from the first Avengers movie over the weekend. Evans and Downey Jr. have been having fun promoting the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, which will more than likely be the last time we see them on the big screen together. With that being said, […]

Captain Marvel’s New Look in Avengers: Endgame Explained

When the full-length Avengers: Endgame trailer arrived, many were wondering why Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel was looking different. Specifically, why was her character wearing makeup with a very different hairstyle? Carol Danvers wasn’t wearing nearly as much, if any, makeup in Captain Marvel, which seemed to suit the attitude of the character rather well. Yet, […]

Captain Marvel Shows Her Binary Form in Latest Avengers: Endgame TV Spot

The latest Avengers: Endgame TV spot offers some new footage of Carol Danvers and Rocket Raccoon. Even with the highly anticipated movie only weeks away now, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans still really have no idea what to expect. The Russo Brothers and Marvel Studios have been teasing little bits of footage out at a time […]

Tom Holland Wasn’t Allowed to Read the Avengers: Endgame Script

Tom Holland didn’t even receive pieces of the Infinity War or Avengers: Endgame scripts. The rest of the cast were given pages at a time and the Russo Brothers even admitted to passing out fake scripts to keep leaks from occurring. But notorious spoiler Holland does not receive the same treatment. While it has not […]

Endgame Poster Unites Valkyrie and the Avengers as Fallen Heroes Rise

We have a brand new poster for Avengers: Endgame that is loaded with heroes, both of the living and non-living variety. Also, Thanos is featured rather prominently, looming large over the do-gooders who are looking to get even with him in round two. Marvel has been busy ramping up the marketing campaign for their follow-up […]

Black Widow Leads the Avengers in Russian Endgame Poster

Natasha Romanoff is the star of the Russian Avengers: Endgame poster. This makes sense since Black Widow is originally from the country. In the comics, she was born in Stalingrad (now Volgograd), Russia. The character has been played by actress Scarlett Johansson since 2010’s Iron Man 2 and has appeared in Captain America: The Winter […]

Endgame Banner Unites Ant-Man & Original Avengers in Shanghai

The latest promotional art for Avengers: Endgame is for a special Chinese event. Hawkeye, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Ant-Man all make an appearance as they look out at the Shanghai skyline. The latest poster art comes to us after a whole bunch of Endgame posters from all over the world were unveiled last […]