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Fleegle Gets Medieval on Social Media Influencers in Wicked Banana Splits Movie Clip

One banana, two banana, three banana, GORE! It’s time, kiddies! Gather around the TV for the latest episode of everyone’s favorite family program as the animals go insane and start hacking up the studio audience. Yes, the Hanna-Barbera legends are back like you’ve never seen them before in The Banana Splits Movie, which hits home […]

First Banana Splits Movie Clip Cancels the Show

Most of the big summer movies have come and gone, but there is still one last incoming treat that will splatter across these dog days with gleeful abandoned. Coming later this month is the hugely anticipated The Banana Splits Movie. It turns the classic 60s kids show into a horror extravaganza with Bingo, Fleegle, Snorky […]

Banana Splits Movie Images Bring the Iconic Band Back with a Bloody Vengeance

One banana, two banana, three banana, GORE! Lovers of Saturday Morning Cartoons are going to have their heads split open next week when The Banana Splits Movie hits home video with a big red splat of chainsaw-chewing violence. That’s right, American’s favorite animal band is back, and this time they’re taking no prisoners. Cause they’re […]

Banana Splits Movie Is Officially Rated-R for Horror Violence & Gore

Back in February, we passed along the news that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Syfy will be bringing us a new original film based on the cult favorite children’s series The Banana Splits… but with a horror twist. And today we have word that the film will be going full-tilt boogie with the horror as […]

Banana Splits Movie Will Terrorize Blu-ray This August, Cover Art Unveiled

The Banana Splits Movie will be bringing the potentially childhood-ruining R-rated horror shenanigans home this summer. We initially learned in February that the children’s show icons were being revived with a brand new movie. Yet, peculiarly, the series was being given a horror twist. Recently, we were treated to the first, very bizarre and blood-filled […]

Bonkers Banana Splits Movie Trailer Turns Classic Kids Show Into R-Rated Nightmare

We have the first trailer for The Banana Splits movie and it’s probably not what anyone was expecting. We first got wind that the children’s icons were getting a reboot in the form of a new movie back in February. That was welcome news, but it came with something of a twist. At the time, […]