Michael Rooker Has Just Joined Several Big Franchises Back-To-Back

Michael Rooker is soon going to be everywhere. As he’s joined several big franchises back-to-back. In a last minute addition to the ever-growing Fast & Furious cast, Guardians of the Galaxy star, the fin-headed, whistling Yondu himself, Michael Rooker has now been confirmed as joining Fast & Furious 9 in the mysterious role of Buddy. […]

Good Boys Scores Big Win for R-Rated Comedy at This Weekend’s Box Office

Good Boys debuted at number one at this weekend’s box office. This marks the first time since 2016’s The Boss that an R-rated comedy has taken the top spot. In addition, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s raunchy project is the biggest original comedy to hit screens this year and the second-best opening, only behind Tyler […]

He tried to prank the DMV. Then his vanity license plate backfired big time.

Everyone hates parking tickets. Not everyone, however, is an information security researcher with a mischievous side and a freshly minted vanity license plate reading “NULL.” That would be Droogie (his handle, if that’s not obvious), a presenter at this year’s DEF CON hacking conference in Las Vegas and man with a very specific problem: He’s […]

Hobbs & Shaw 4DX Review: Summer’s Last Big Hurrah

This summer, John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum stands as the gold standard in immersive cinema. The Hobbs & Shaw 4DX experience comes in a close second. Perhaps it has more action, but Keanu Reeves’ renegade hitman has more genuine heart, which makes some of the punches hit a little harder. That said, The Rock and […]

Seth Rogen calls out Twitter on Lil Nas X’s big day as CEO

Forget the Old Town Road, Lil Nas X spent Friday taking his horse to Twitter HQ for a nice change of scenery. The 20-year-old rapper announced his planned visit to the New York office on Twitter, of course, and also let everyone know that he planned to steal Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s job while he […]

12 times Renata Klein’s rage was the best part of ‘Big Little Lies’

Warning: Contains spoilers for Big Little Lies Seasons 1 and 2. There are few people in this world as angry as Renata Klein. It’s OK, though, because there also few people in this world who do anger as well as Renata Klein. She’s got it down to a fine art. Whether she’s berating her enemies, […]

Spider-Man Director Addresses Sinister 6, Gwen Stacy & Other Big Rumors

Director Jon Watts is here to clear the air regarding some rumors about Spider-Man: Far from Home. We should note up top that those who consider knowing a few things that won’t be in the movie as spoilers should probably turn away now. For those who don’t, Watts had definitively stated a few things that […]

Kevin Costner Shares Big Secret Behind Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard Poster

Whitney Houston was not the woman pictured on The Bodyguard poster. Nearly 30 years later, Kevin Costner is revealing the news, noting that the popstar had gone home for the day. The iconic poster was all over everywhere in 1992 when the movie was at the top of the box office and the soundtrack at […]

Fox’s X-Men Go Out in a Big Messy Bang

Goodbyes are hard. Goodbyes are tricky. It’s not likely that anyone knew when the idea for Dark Phoenix first got pitched that this was going to be the final X-Men movie for this version of the franchise. Yet, that’s where we’re at, since Disney has purchased most of Fox and, in the years to come, […]

What’s Happening with The Big Lebowski Spinoff Going Places?

At long last, we have an encouraging update on Going Places, the upcoming spinoff from The Big Lebowski. For those who may not be aware, John Turturro, who played Jesus Quintana in the Coen brothers’ 1998 comedy classic, directed a follow-up in 2016 centered on his character. Joel and Ethan Coen aren’t directly involved, but […]