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Bruce Campbell Wants to Make a Political Satire with Ted Raimi

Evil Dead franchise star Bruce Campbell is looking to step back behind the camera for his next project as a director, and he’s even written a screenplay he’s hoping to have shot in 2020. Speaking in an extensive interview with 1428 Elm, Campbell opened up on his career and life after Ash vs Evil Dead, […]

Robert Pattinson Opens Up on Winning Bruce Wayne Role

The Batman star Robert Pattinson has finally spoken out for the first time since his casting as the titular superhero in Matt Reeves’ upcoming DC movie. Set to release in 2021, the movie will have no relation to the DCEU, featuring a standalone Batman story focusing on a younger Bruce Wayne. When the news of […]

Western Stars Trailer Turns Bruce Springsteen’s New Album Into a Cinematic Event

Bruce Springsteen is coming to the big screen like you’ve never experienced him before. Earlier this summer, Blinded by the Light told the fictional story of a young man inspired by the music of The Boss. Now comes the real thing as Warner Bros. announces Western Stars, which will bring Bruce Springsteen’s latest album around […]

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is So Disappointed by Tarantino’s Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is also not happy with Quentin Tarantino’s portrayal of Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Tarantino has been standing up for the way Lee comes off in his movie, but Shannon Lee, the late martial artist’s daughter, doesn’t want to have anything to do with the situation and wishes the […]

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Suggests Tarantino Shut Up After His Response to Backlash

As a result of the less-than-flattering portrayal of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a feud has spawned between director Quentin Tarantino and Lee’s daughter Shannon. Previously, Shannon voiced her displeasure in Tarantino including her father as a character in the movie, despite not reaching out to her first. […]

Tarantino Defends Bruce Lee Fight Scene After Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Blacklash

Quentin Tarantino has responded to one of the major criticisms of his latest movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Specifically, his characterization of the late actor and martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Recently, Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee criticized the portrayal of her late father in the movie, which blends fiction with real people and […]

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Disheartened by How Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Portrays Her Dad

Quentin Tarantino may have scored a big hit with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but at least one person isn’t at all happy with the filmmaker’s latest. Shannon Lee, the daughter of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, is very displeased with the way her father was portrayed in Tarantino’s movie. While many have praised […]

Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time Leaves Bruce Lee’s Daughter Feeling Annoyed

Shannon Lee is “annoyed” Quentin Tarantino didn’t reach out to her before using her father’s likeness in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. She is the gatekeeper of his estate. And over the years, she has shot down many projects and is fiercely protective when it comes to her father’s legacy, which is understandable. However, […]

How Robert Pattinson Won the Role of Bruce Wayne

A new report has detailed how Robert Pattinson came to win the coveted lead role in The Batman. The era of Ben Affleck is officially over and the era of Battinson can officially begin. We learned last week that the former Twilight star had officially landed the gig after topping the studio’s wish list. But […]

How Old Is Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne in The Batman?

We’re going to see a younger Caped Crusader in the upcoming superhero movie The Batman, as director Matt Reeves’ version of the character was written to be around 30 years old. As star Robert Pattinson is a 33-year-old actor, this information of course fits in with his casting. Reportedly, the story was written this way […]