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Don’t Let Go Will Close Out Brutal Summer Box Office on a Quiet Note

For any studio not named Disney, it’s been a pretty brutal summer at the box office. While there have been a few bright spots here and there, for the most part, this has not been the season that many had hoped it perhaps could have been, from a financial standpoint anyway. With Labor Day weekend […]

Adam Driver Uncovers the CIA’s Brutal Secert in Real-Life Tale

Amazon Studios dropped the first teaser trailer for The Report starring Adam Driver today. Based on real events following the 9/11 attacks, The Report follows idealistic Daniel J. Jones (Adam Driver) who, after the attacks, “changed all his classes to national security.” His determination ultimately earns him a place in the office of Senator Dianne […]

Last Blood Trailer Is Here and It’s Brutal, Just as It Should Be

Millennium Films has released the first trailer for Rambo: Last Blood. Sylvester Stallone has been a fixture in Hollywood for decades and has had quite the amazing and, surprisingly varied career. However, he will always and forever be known best for two roles; Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. Stallone has been revisiting the former via […]

A Fun Yet Extremely Brutal Cinematic Experience

When Aquaman arrived in theaters last December, the 4DX experience was known for soaking audiences during all the ocean scenes, submerging DC fans in that world completely. The running joke before seeing John Wick 3: Parabellum in the immersive format was that you’d feel every bullet as blood splattered your face. Once locked into that […]

Hellboy Sizzle Reel Celebrates Its R-Rating in Brutal Bloody Fashion

Lionsgate has released a brutal new teaser for Hellboy featuring our first look at Thomas Haden Church’s Lobster Johnson. However, this is no ordinary teaser. This is a pretty crazy R-rated look at the reboot and it’s pretty intense, to say the least. Church was previously rumored to be playing the character after he showed […]