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Iron Man Will Cameo in Black Widow, But It’s Not What You Think

A major spoiler for the Black Widow standalone movie was recently revealed. Robert Downey Jr. will most likely have a cameo in the movie in his iconic MCU role of Tony Stark. But don’t start celebrating just yet. It is very likely the cameo will simply be unused footage from Captain America: Civil War rather […]

IT Chapter Two Has the Perfect Surprise Horror Cameo

IT Chapter Two, at long last, has arrived in theaters. Horror fans have been waiting two years to see how director Andy Muschietti would conclude this ambitious adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved horror novel, and the time has finally come. While the sequel contains many surprises, plenty of Pennywise and a whole bunch of The […]

The Suicide Squad Gets Peter Capaldi, Pete Davidson Wanted for Cameo

The cast for The Suicide Squad continues to fill out, as a former Doctor and a current SNL star have just joined the growing ensemble. It’s come to light that Peter Capaldi, known best for his role on Doctor Who, as well as Pete Davidson, one of the most popular cast members of Saturday Night […]

Did Tom Holland Shoot a Spider-Man Cameo for Venom That Got Axed by Marvel?

It appears Tom Holland may have shot that long-rumored Venom cameo after all. At the time of the movie’s production, there were constant rumors about Holland joining the cast for a brief cameo, but when the movie hit theaters, the young Spider-Man actor was nowhere to be found. However, that may all change pretty quickly […]

Endgame Cameo to Shoot According to the Directors

There are plenty of big stars featured in Avengers: Endgame. It’s perhaps the largest A-List cast ever assembled. But apparently working with these noted celebrities was a lot easier than wrangling a couple of kids. The Russo Brothers, directors behind this, the biggest box office hit of all time, have chimed in on the toughest […]

Far from Home May Have the Best MCU Cameo Ever

With Spider-Man: Far from Home finally in theaters, there is much to discuss. Specifically, in this case, we must talk about that epic and totally unexpected cameo. There have been a great many cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years, but this should easily go down as the most amazing one in the […]

Can We Expect a Stan Lee Cameo in Spider-Man: Far from Home?

Spider-Man: Far from Home is almost here and many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are wondering if there is a Stan Lee cameo. The sequel’s director Jon Watts recently sat down to discuss the movie and some of the choices he had to make, which led to talk about Lee and his cameos. Marvel Studios boss […]

Rocketman Almost Had Rami Malek Cameo as Freddie Mercury

We came ever so close to the start of a rock star cinematic universe. Everyone in town wants to get in on the cinematic universe game, thanks to what Marvel has managed to do over the course of the last decade or so. With Rocketman, the recently released Elton John biopic, a new one was […]

Female-Led Cliffhanger Reboot Is Happening, Jason Momoa to Cameo

Because it worked so well for Ghostbusters and the Ocean’s 11 franchises, we are officially getting a Cliffhanger redo, only with a gender twist, as this Sylvester Stallone action classic will get remade with a mostly female cast. None of the new characters or actors have been announced yet but we do have official word […]

Is This Secret Endgame Cameo Preparing Far from Home for a Captain Marvel-Sized Twist?

Avengers: Endgame was originally going to be the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3. However, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige recently confirmed Spider-Man: Far from Home will actually close out Phase 3 and lead us into Phase 4. With that being said, it looks like Endgame may have left us with a pretty […]