Sextuplets Trailer Has Marlon Wayans Channeling His Inner Klump to Play 6 Siblings

Netflix has dropped the first trailer for their upcoming Sextuplets movie. Marlon Wayans stars and plays six characters in the comedy. Playing multiple characters in a comedy is not a new idea, but Wayans seems to be putting his own spin on things, though there have immediately been the inevitable comparisons to Eddie Murphy’s roles […]

Judy Trailer Has Renee Zellweger Channeling Hollywood Icon Judy Garland

Roadside Attractions has revealed the first trailer for Judy. There are few movie stars as iconic as Judy Garland. That being the case, doing a biopic about her makes all the sense in the world. That is, assuming it’s possible to find someone who can possibly do the late actress justice. It appears as though […]