Daisy Ridley Fights a Killer Comic Book in Long-Lost Horror Movie

Good news, everyone! Daisy Ridley is finally in a comic book movie! Kind of. A new trailer for Scrawl, a horror movie that was initially shot more than 4 years ago and hit the festival circuit in 2015, is finally getting released. It just so happens to star the aforementioned Ridley, who has since become […]

Walking Dead Creator Is Turning His Oblivion Song Comic Into a Movie

Robert Kirkman’s comic book series Oblivion Song is getting the big screen treatment. Universal Pictures and Skybound Entertainment have partnered to turn the sci-fi book into a movie. This is just the latest in a string of Hollywood projects based on The Walking Dead writer’s creations. According to several new reports, Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment […]

The Lost Boys Early Unused Concept Posters, Comic Book Replica Will Be Available Soon

Late movie poster legend John Alvin’s original The Lost Boys poster designs are being made available for the first time ever. Three never-before-printed designs will be up for sale during a special 35mm screening of the iconic vampire movie this Friday in New York. However, one of the limited edition prints will be available to […]

Napoleon Dynamite Tries to Stop Pedro’s Impeachment in Comic Book Sequel

Fifteen years later, we’re finally getting a sequel to Napoleon Dynamite. It may not be in the form of a movie or a TV series, but IDW Publishing has stepped up to deliver a follow-up to the beloved cult classic with a brand new comic book series set to hit shelves this fall. This four-issue […]