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The Suicide Squad Full Cast Announced, Margot Robbie Confirmed to Return

The Suicide Squad writer and director James Gunn has revealed a full cast list for the movie on his Instagram account, but the filmmaker also ominously includes a word of warning for fans. In the photo, a full list of names is revealed, confirming their inclusion in the upcoming DCEU movie, although the image doesn’t […]

Eternals Confirmed to Feature MCU’s First Married, Openly Gay Family Man

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has confirmed the long-running rumors about Eternals. Feige says the movie will feature an openly gay character, though he would not reveal who that will be. Tessa Thompson and Joe Russo won’t be the only actors to take on the roles of openly gay characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. […]

Matt Damon Confirmed to Reprise Dogma Role in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Kevin Smith has confirmed who Matt Damon is playing in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, and it isn’t Matt Damon. The filmmaker has been making all sorts of little reveals about his highly-anticipated sequel ever since (and leading up to) San Diego Comic-Con. His latest reveal is regarding Damon’s character and the Good Will Hunting […]

IT Chapter Two Runtime Confirmed by Director and It’s Gloriously Long

90-minute runtimes are becoming very much a thing of the past. With so many viewing options, when one treks to the theater, they expect a lot of bang for their buck. And when it comes to the highly anticipated sequel IT Chapter Two, fans are going to be getting a true horror epic. During Comic-Con, […]

Tom Hardy Confirmed to Return in Venom 2, But What About Tom Holland?

It’s official; Tom Hardy will return for Venom 2. This was pretty much expected to be the case when it was revealed that Sony was moving forward with a sequel to last year’s hit blockbuster. However, it hadn’t yet been confirmed by anyone from the studio directly. And, given the fact that Hardy is very […]

John Cena Is Officially Confirmed for Fast and Furious 9

Dwayne Johnson will soon not be the only wrestling legend and actor to star in the Fast and Furious franchise, as John Cena has officially been confirmed as a part of the cast of Fast & Furious 9. The confirmation comes after co-star Vin Diesel previously spoke about Cena’s involvement in the project back in […]

Knights of Ren Confirmed to Return in Rise of Skywalker

The Knights of Ren have been officially unveiled. New images from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker confirm their mysterious return as J.J. Abrams gives them direction. Star Wars fans have been waiting since 2015’s The Force Awakens to see the villainous characters make an appearance again. The Last Jedi seemed like the most logical […]

New Mutants Is Confirmed for Disney’s 2019 Release Slate

The New Mutants has been through a lot over the past year. However, it looks like the movie is officially happening after Disney released their upcoming release slate at CinemaCon. Marvel fans were starting to get worried after a series of release date changes and the promise of reshoots, which have still yet to happen. […]

Justice League Snyder Cut Confirmed to Exist, and It’s 3.5 Hours Long?

Zack Snyder says that his cut of Justice League does exist. However, it is up to Warner Bros. to finish and deliver to audiences. Snyder fans have been campaigning for over a year for Warner Bros. to release the original cut of the doomed project, even without knowing if it actually existed. The director left […]