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Eddie Murphy Confirms He’ll Return to Standup Comedy in 2020

Eddie Murphy has confirmed he’s getting back into standup comedy. In July, it was heavily rumored that the comedian was going to sign an astronomical $70 million deal with Netflix for a special. Said standup special would be Murphy’s first since 1987’s highly influential Raw, which was released in theaters. It’s not clear if Murphy […]

The Flash Movie Is Absolutely Still Happening Confirms Ezra Miller

Is The Flash still happening? According to its star, the standalone DC adventure is ‘absolutely confirmed’. Ezra Miller has been talking about The Flash standalone movie for years now, though not at any fault of his own. The movie has seen plenty of production problems with one director after the next bailing on the project. […]

New Star Wars Book Confirms Anakin & Obi-Wan Force Ghosts Have Returned

An upcoming Star Wars book brings up some very interesting Anakin Skywalker information ahead of The Rise of Skywalker. The book, entitled The Secrets of the Jedi, was announced last week and it tells the history of the Jedi through the perspective of Luke Skywalker. The book hits store shelves in November, ahead of the […]

Michelle Williams Confirms Her Return in Venom 2

Venom 2 is really starting to come together. Not only has Andy Serkis been confirmed as the movie’s director, with Tom Hardy returning in the lead role as Venom/Eddie Brock, but it’s now been additionally confirmed that Michelle Williams will be returning as Anne Weying. There remains a great many questions as to how she […]

Kevin Smith Confirms Justice League Snyder Cut Is Not a Mythical Beast: It Exists

Kevin Smith has thrown some fuel on the already raging fire, one that just won’t seem to die down, that is the Snyder Cut. For nearly two years now, DC fans have been wondering about the cut of Justice League, that may or may not exist, that is at least closer to what Zack Snyder’s […]

Baby Driver 2 Has a Title and Script Confirms Ansel Elgort

Baby Driver 2 is still very much in the cards. That’s not what it will be called and it’s not yet clear when it will happen, but star Ansel Elgort has seen the script and is confident that it will happen at some point. Director Edgar Wright scored a major, unexpected hit with Baby Driver […]

Danai Gurira Confirms Her Return as Okoye

For those who might not know, the upcoming tenth season of AMC’s hit adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead will be the last for actress Danai Gurira aka Michonne. But don’t worry about the Black Panther actress as she is sure to have a killer career in movies after leaving the show. And speaking […]

Hellboy 2 Won’t Be Happening Confirms David Harbour

I don’t think any of us will be quite surprised by this news, but all the same, here it is. Today we have word via Stranger Things and Black Widow star David Harbour that, go figure, there is no plan for a sequel to director Neil Marshall’s recent reboot of Mike Mignola’s classic comic book […]

Far from Home Finishes the Infinity Saga Confirms Marvel Boss

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige officially confirms Spider-Man: Far from Home puts an end to the Infinity Saga. Feige went on to say that the highly anticipated sequel and Endgame are “essentially two pieces of the same story,” which makes perfect sense. Feige had already confirmed that Far From Home will be the final installment […]

Marvel Boss Confirms Keanu Reeves Talks, They Just Need the Right Fit

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige confirms the Keanu Reeves casting talks. Feige is out doing promotion for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which hits theaters in just a few weeks, and was asked about the current most famous man in the entertainment industry. Reeves is seemingly everywhere at the moment with John Wick: Chapter 3 – […]