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Nintendo continues to dominate TV ahead of triple-A season

Nintendo maintains its hot streak when it comes to the gaming industry’s recent TV ad impressions. the company’s commercials account for over 64% of the sector’s impressions across 30 days, with Rockstar Games in second place with 20% of industry impressions. GamesBeat has partnered with, the always-on TV ad measurement and attribution company, to bring […]

Taskmaster Spotted on Black Widow Set as Shooting Continues?

It was rumored at the beginning of the year that Taskmaster was going to be the main antagonist in the Black Widow movie. Now, we just might have some proof to those rumors, thanks to the latest set pictures from Budapest, Hungary. We’ve seen quite a few photos from the set over the past few […]

3 from Hell Trailer Countdown Continues with New Look at Captain Spaulding

Rob Zombie is continuing the trailer countdown for his next movie 3 from Hell, providing a new image of Captain Spaulding with just four days left to go. Zombie first revealed the new trailer was coming in less than a week’s time by announcing a six-day countdown to the trailer’s release. Posting a new image […]

Rob Zombie Continues 3 from Hell Trailer Countdown with Creepy New Look at Otis

We’re now less than two days from the premiere of the 3 from Hell trailer, and director Rob Zombie is nearing the end of his trailer countdown on social media. For the past several days, Zombie has been releasing sneak peek photos of the movie to hype the trailer’s release, which previously included a new […]

Annabelle Comes Home Trailer #2 Continues the Terrifying Saga of The Conjuring

Annabelle Comes Home, literally, in an-all new trailer for the third installment of this terrifying horror franchise, which is in itself a spin-off of The Conjuring, which is two sequels deep and counting, not to mention The Nun spin-off and this year’s earlier installment The Curse of Llorona. We can’t say that Annabelle Comes Home […]

Detective Pikachu Slides Into 2nd as Endgame Continues Dominating the Box Office

Avengers: Endgame continues to dominate the North American box office. After scoring its third consecutive number one with $63 million, the movie is now the third highest grossing movie of all time domestically, shooting past Infinity War and Black Panther with $723.4 million. Detective Pikachu‘s debut wasn’t enough to stop Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Globally, Endgame […]

Spider-Man: Far from Home Trailer #2 Continues the Avengers: Endgame Story

The all-new Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer has arrived, and as suspected, it comes with a special PSA from spoiler hound himself Tom Holland, who warns viewers not to watch if they haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame. As this is a direct continuation of that story and includes quite a few callbacks to the $2 billion […]

Annabelle Comes Home with Help from the Warrens as The Conjuring Saga Continues

Warner Bros. has unveiled a new image from the upcoming Annabelle Comes Home and it’s more than a little eerie. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are back as the Warrens from The Conjuring movies, and horror fans are excited to see just what kind of things the Annabelle doll can get into while locked up […]

New Friday the 13th Movie Isn’t Any Closer as Legal Battle Continues

There’s no telling when we’ll see another Friday the 13th movie in theaters, as the legal battle over the rights to the series has been reinstated. After reviewing a lawsuit against Victor Miller, the screenwriter of the original movie, a judge ruled in favor of the writer over franchise owner Sean Cunningham. In response, Cunningham […]