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Midsommar Extended Director’s Cut Is an Apple TV Exclusive

The good news? Those hoping to see the Midsommar director’s cut from the comfort of their own home will have the chance to do so. The bad news? The only way to do that is going to be through Apple TV. So, those who were hoping to scoop up the Blu-ray, or even a 4K […]

Birds of Prey Trailer Sneaks Into Theaters with Spider-Man Extended Cut This Weekend

Warner Bros. has silently released the first trailer for Birds of Prey. The first look at the highly anticipated movie starring Margot Robbie was teased earlier this week when some images leaked online. As of this writing, the only place to see the trailer is in front of the Spider-Man: Far From Home extended cut, […]

Spider-Man Far from Home Extended Cut New Footage Description: Here’s What Was Added

The Spider-Man: Far from Home extended cut is now out in theaters. Sony has rereleased the highly successful sequel with roughly four minutes of new footage not shown in the original cut. The idea of releasing a movie back into theaters with bonus content is not a new phenomenon. Marvel Studios just did the same […]

Far from Home Extended Cut TV Spots Tease New Scenes & Action Sequences

Two Spider-Man: Far from Home extended cut TV spots have arrived. Sony is putting the highly successful sequel back into theaters with some bonus footage for the long holiday weekend. The movie is now Sony Pictures’ highest grossing release of all time. The re-release should help to generate some more income for the studio. They […]

Far from Home Extended Cut Poster Arrives as Spider-Man Swings Back Into Theaters

A new poster for the re-release of Spider-Man: Far from Home has made its way online. Sony is looking to further capitalize on what is already their biggest movie of all time by showcasing an extended cut in theaters that will contain a brand new action sequence. Whether or not that action scene alone is […]

Midsommar Director’s Cut Is Coming to Theaters This Weekend, Watch the Trailer

Midsommar has been deemed a new horror classic from writer and director Ari Aster, the man responsible for bringing us Hereditary. Now, the movie is coming back to theaters in a special extended director’s cut that features never-before-seen footage. A24 made the announcement this morning. They have also included a trailer for this depraved, gory […]

Far from Home Extended Cut Is Coming to Theaters with 4-Minutes of New Footage

The rumors were indeed true: Spider-Man: Far from Home is returning to theaters with an extended cut. Reports recently surfaced suggesting that Sony was intending to try and further capitalize on what is now their highest-grossing movie ever by re-releasing the superhero sequel during Labor Day weekend. Now, the studio has confirmed the information and […]

Super Mario Bros. Deleted Scene Surfaces After Extended Cut Is Discovered

A newly discovered, deleted scene from the Super Mario Bros. movie has debuted online. What’s more, this is just part of a newly discovered extended cut of the 1993 live-action video game adaptation, that is said to include a full 15 minutes of additional footage. Whether or not we’ll ever see that full cut make […]

Did Jason Momoa Just Watch Justice League Snyder Cut, or Is He Trolling Fans?

Did Jason Momoa really just watch Justice League Snyder Cut? Or is he trolling fans to get eyes on a new video he shared on Instagram? There has been much discussion since the release of Justice League back in 2017 that a mythical cut of the film by original director Zack Snyder exists somewhere out […]

Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy Gets Director’s Cut, Theatrical 4K Blu-ray for 15th Anniversary

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Academy Award®-winning director Guillermo del Toro’s (2017, Best Director, The Shape of Water) Hellboy lands on 4K Ultra HD October 15 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The visionary director based his film on Mike Mignola’s popular Dark Horse Comics about a demon, raised from infancy after being conjured by […]