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Even DJ Paul Oakenfold’s Storm Area 51 Dance Party Was a Bust

Not even DJ Paul Oakenfold could gather more than 100 people at the Storm Area 51 event. It seems that the alien enthusiasts stayed home to see what was going to happen as opposed to experiencing the event for themselves. While local Nevada law enforcement was expecting thousands of people, only about 150 showed up […]

Kate Upton and Jimmy Fallon get sweaty in 80s aerobics dance challenge

From aggressive dance-offs with JoJo Siwa to Fortnite challenges with BTS, Jimmy Fallon loves to get his guests to work up a sweat. And, as we learned from Paul Rudd’s appearance earlier this year, he loves an 80s tribute. On Monday night he combined the two and joined Kate Upton in trying to match the […]

Hustlers Has Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart Showing Off Her Dance Moves

Looks like Lili Reinhart is getting in shape for her new movie Hustlers. On her Instagram Stories she shared a picture of her twirling on a stripper pole like a pro with the clever caption, “Really nailing this whole pole thing”. The female directed and written movie is about two mastermind exotic dancers who figure […]