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Stan Lee’s Daughter Sides with Sony Over Spider-Man, Isn’t Happy with Disney & Marvel

The Marvel Studios and Sony Spider-Man dispute continues as people start to choose sides. Stan Lee’s daughter, JC Lee, is siding with Sony and has some rather unflattering things to say about Marvel and Disney. Spider-Man is the character Lee was most proud of and towards the end of his life, he was excited to […]

Bill & Ted Face the Music Brings in George Carlin’s Daughter to Honor the Rufus Legacy

Kelly Carlin has been cast in Bill & Ted Face the Music. The daughter of the late great George Carlin, who originally played Rufus in the franchise, made the announcement on social media this week. Carlin thanked creator/writer Ed Solomon and star Alex Winter on social media for including her in the highly anticipated sequel. […]

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Suggests Tarantino Shut Up After His Response to Backlash

As a result of the less-than-flattering portrayal of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a feud has spawned between director Quentin Tarantino and Lee’s daughter Shannon. Previously, Shannon voiced her displeasure in Tarantino including her father as a character in the movie, despite not reaching out to her first. […]

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Disheartened by How Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Portrays Her Dad

Quentin Tarantino may have scored a big hit with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but at least one person isn’t at all happy with the filmmaker’s latest. Shannon Lee, the daughter of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, is very displeased with the way her father was portrayed in Tarantino’s movie. While many have praised […]

Gender-reveal party pioneer says her daughter now bends gender norms

One of the pioneers of gender-reveal parties has changed her opinion on them, explaining that her daughter, who she had a gender-reveal party for 10 years ago, doesn’t subscribe to gender norms.  In a post on her Facebook page (named for her now-defunct blog, High Gloss and Sauce), Jenna Karvunidis set the record straight on […]

Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time Leaves Bruce Lee’s Daughter Feeling Annoyed

Shannon Lee is “annoyed” Quentin Tarantino didn’t reach out to her before using her father’s likeness in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. She is the gatekeeper of his estate. And over the years, she has shot down many projects and is fiercely protective when it comes to her father’s legacy, which is understandable. However, […]

American Woman Trailer Sends Sienna Miller Searching for Her Missing Daughter

Roadside Attractions has revealed the first trailer for the upcoming thriller American Woman. We’re about to hit the summer movie season. In some ways, we already have, with Avengers: Endgame currently tearing it up at the box office and with Detective Pikachu set to arrive this upcoming weekend. Indeed, the time for big studio blockbusters […]

Zelda Williams, Daughter of Robin Williams, to Make Directorial Debut with Thriller AMA

Zelda Williams is making her feature directorial debut with AMA (Ask Me Anything). The daughter of the late, beloved comedian Robin Williams has been taking after her father’s footsteps, in that, she’s been making her way in the entertainment industry. She is, however, carving her own, unique path that is quite a bit different from […]

Far from Home Reveal MJ Is Really Nick Fury’s Daughter?

Is MJ the daughter of Nick Fury in Spider-Man: Far from Home? A new fan theory seems to think so and has a decent amount of evidence to back the theory up. This would make for a pretty interesting twist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for Peter Parker, who would see himself under even […]