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Last Blood Infomercial Delivers Rambo’s Greatest Hits, Kills & Massacres

Ahead of releasing Rambo: Last Blood in theaters, Lionsgate is having some fun marketing the franchise with a new parody infomercial. For a collection dubbed “Rambo’s Greatest Hits,” the faux ad presents all of Rambo’s greatest “kills and massacres for the first time in one amazing collection.” Edited in a fashion similar to infomercials from […]

Nintendo’s new Switch with updated Tegra X1 SoC delivers significantly improved battery life

In brief: Nintendo last month quietly introduced an updated version of its Nintendo Switch handheld console promising significantly longer battery life. Now that the system is finally hitting store shelves, we’re getting some real-world data on what sort of improvements buyers can expect and it’s quite promising. Digital Foundry recently put the new Switch through […]

IT Chapter Two IMAX Trailer Delivers Carnival-Sized Pennywise Scares

And IMAX trailer for IT Chapter Two has arrived, and it’s not for the faint of heart. In addition, a new image of the adult version of the Losers’ Club has found its way online. It’s hard to believe, but we’re getting pretty close to the highly anticipated sequel hitting theaters. Screenings will be taking […]

Harry Potter FX Team Delivers Epic Fantasy-Adventure [Exclusive]

Dragon Kingdom captures the high energy of Harry Potter and the fantasy thrills that made Game of Thrones so memorable in a swift, action-packed tale full of adventure, danger and giant fire breathing beasts. This September, Uncork’d Entertainment is bringing this rousing epic to DVD and Digital. Today, we have an exclusive look at the […]

Fangoria’s Satanic Panic Trailer Delivers Demons, Pizza & Virgin Sacrifices

The trailer for Fangoria’s Satanic Panic has dropped. The movie finds a pizza delivery girl on a potential highway to hell as she ends up at a high class Satanist get together. From the looks of things, Fangoria is keeping on track with previous quality releases Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich and genre documentary Horror […]

Samuel L. Jackson Delivers More Heat Than You Can Handle

Shaft isn’t so much a reboot as it is a revival, bringing together all three generations of the Shaft family including original John Shaft played by Richard Roundtree, his nephew played by Samuel L. Jackson and Shaft‘s son JJ played by Jesse T. Usher. A new red-band trailer has arrived, showing off a hilarious and […]

Booksmart Review #2: Olivia Wilde Delivers Greatness

Olivia Wilde delivers greatness in her directorial debut. Booksmart is a teen coming-of-age comedy destined to be a classic. It has the requisite partying, raunchiness, and humor of the genre. But takes the mantle from horny, brainless boys, and gives it to equally horny, intellectually enlightened girls. Stars Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever take likeability […]

Hobbs & Shaw Trailer #2 Delivers the Biggest, Craziest Fast & Furious Movie Yet

Universal has released a brand new Hobbs & Shaw trailer. There has been talk of the studio possibly doing a Fast & Furious spin-off for some time now, most likely centered on Dwayne Johnson’s character Luke Hobbs, who was introduced in Fast Five. That has finally materialized, and he’s bringing Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw along […]